Monday, November 5, 2007

An Extra Hour You Say?

I hope that everyone took advantage of the time change over the weekend, and I don’t mean by just getting an extra hour of sleep. What better way is there for a runner to enjoy that extra hour other than to be running. Better yet, to be PR-ing. Think about the possibilities here, time doesn’t just stand still, it rewinds.

Like most of the great ideas that I have this one came to me too late to matter, but let me outline the plan for next year. I will head out for my run at 1:50 am without using a watch to time myself but rather I will simply note the time on my cell phone (because it updates to the time change automatically). Assuming that I haven’t gotten any faster I will complete a 13.1 mile run in roughly 2 hours. However, when I finish and look at my cell phone to determine how long it took me I will see that the current time is 2:50 am and my awesome powers of deduction will reveal that I have just run a half marathon in 1 hour! That’s a new PR by almost a full hour! Hooray for me!

Join me next year as I attempt to PR during the time change. When you get into the office on Monday and everyone’s talking about how they liked that extra hour of sleep or how they hate that it gets dark so early, you can be the one who actually has something interesting to share.

If there isn’t already some kind of organized race that takes advantage of the time change then there should be. They could call it the ‘Sprint Forward at Fall Back’ or the ‘Half-Fast Half Marathon’ since it was my idea. I could totally BQ if they were taking an hour off my time.


  1. You've outdone yourself again. This is freakin' brilliant. And here I thought I'll have to shave an hour and 16 minutes off my marathon time to BQ.

  2. That? Is the best idea I've ever heard.

  3. Hmmm... not a bad idea but I'd rather be sleeping under a nice thick blanket with a big pillow under my head. *wink*

  4. This is a fantastic idea. If you time it right, you might even be able to get a world record out of it...

  5. How about next year you just write a blog entry pretending you got up at 1:50 a.m. to run? Much more sensible.

    You are ever the creative thinker, Vanilla. Thanks.

  6. I set my clock back ten minutes a day for six straight days. I like to ease into the whole "standard time" vibe.

  7. Your kind of genius is certainly the evil kind.

    I like it.

  8. you are possibly the smarted guy in the world.....BUT don't forget in teh srping to NOT run that day.....the repercussions of 'springing forward' may give you the worst run of your life.

    I did think of running at time change, but my DH was still at poker, so I went back to sleep at 1:30am.

    I will be joining you--I live in MI, so I'm sure it'll be cold & windy...its snowing now

  9. Not only could you PR, but you could if you tried, break the world record. You probably get money for that too!


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