Wednesday, November 14, 2007

8 on the 8th

If you haven’t yet heard of 8 on the 8th then you probably suck at the internets. Nancy is organizing a virtual 8 mile race that will take place on the 8th of December and everyone is invited. I was originally scheduled to run 10 miles on the 8th so I will just run a couple of cool down miles after I’m done (yeah right) or I’ll add a couple of miles to one of my other runs that week (not likely), at the very least I will add a 2 mile run to my schedule to make up the miles (not happening).

In order to encourage you all to participate I’ve put together the following list of reasons why you should sign up for 8 on the 8th:
  • Pick your own course. I’m going to drive up into the foothills and run all 8 miles on the steepest downhill stretch of road that I can find. Sure I could end up tripping and falling for a half mile, but that’s just less distance that I have to run. Here’s a peek at my 1600 foot elevation drop 8 miler.
  • Race start time works out perfectly with your schedule. If you’re late, they won’t start the race until you get there. I am sooooo sleeping in.
  • Entry fee fits in perfectly with your budget. Have you ever heard of a race that’s free to enter?
  • No annoying online registration forms to fill out. Simply let Nancy know that you’re participating over at her blog or join the 8 on the 8th group over at the Runners Lounge.
  • You won’t get chicked. (I guess you could get virtually chicked, but you won’t see it happening).
  • No annoying lines for the porta-potties before the start. Better yet, no porta-potties period.
  • No race pictures of you walking and looking exhausted.
  • No backlog at the starting line.
  • No rules disallowing headphones, dogs or jogging strollers.
  • No timing chip to attach or to fall off.
  • No waiting for your official time to post.
  • No one will cut you off or yell “on your left” as they pass you.
  • Post race beer is your favorite beer and is not served in wimpy 8oz cans. (The downside is that it’s not free, but if you’re like me you’re taking the $30 - $40 you saved by not paying a race fee and using that to procure some post race refreshments.)
  • You get to run a race against Vanilla. Despite the fact that I’ll be running a downhill course many of you will still beat me and will have bragging rights for the foreseeable future. I welcome any trash talk in the comments which will be promptly met with responses of “I know you are but what am I” or “Your Momma!”


  1. absolutely love your reasons for running 8 on the 8th.

  2. Those are excellent reasons, but I don't need convincing -- I'm already in!

  3. That's right, no REAL rules. Wear those head phones if you've got 'em. :D No port-a-potties lines or chicks beating you, that you know of....

    Thanks for the shout out. Make it what you want. I didn't think about the fact that I would be racing against the famous Vanilla. Extra added benefit.

  4. Ohhhh no this one is gonna happen

    "You won’t get chicked. (I guess you could get virtually chicked, but you won’t see it happening)."

    I'm totally bringing my camera. I'll make DH take a picture of my back for you all :P

  5. And you get to make up the rules as you go...that is another plus!

  6. Well that just sucks. My marathon is on the 9th. Any room for a virtual cheerleader?

  7. You had me at "taking the $30 - $40 you saved by not paying a race fee and using that to procure some post race refreshments."

    That plus the $30 - $40 I'd normally spend on post race refreshments, and I'll forget all about getting virtually chicked.

  8. Kudos!! You are brilliant. Drive up to the highest foothill, park your car and run 8 miles downhill. Your PR will shatter big time. The bright side is that you will have to run back up another 8 miles to retrieve your car. *wink* Unless you have ask someone to drive down for you ;-(

  9. LOVE THE LIST! My personal fave is getting to actually run a race with infamous Vanilla! Is your better half going to participate in this one, too?

  10. Fun post and event. Unfortunately, I have a 5 mile race that day. Jingle Bells run. Santa always shows up and hands out goodies.

  11. Okay, I think I've gathered what being "chicked" is and it's now my goal in life to "chick" Vanilla. I might have to run the Canadian version(8K) to do it though.

    I like the idea of having a goal (according to the mileage converter, 12.87472 km... wouldn't want to round it up to 13K, right?). I'm in.

  12. I really don't know what being chicked means, but it's Friday so I really don't care either.

    Way to give nancy the shout out, she rocks.


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