Friday, October 12, 2007

Sampling the Denver Marathon Expo

I went and picked up my race packet at the Denver Marathon Expo this afternoon. When I first walked in the doors to the hotel ballroom where it was being held I was struck by how many older folks I saw milling around. ‘Wow, this is fantastic,’ I thought. ‘I had no idea that there’d be this many old people (we’re talking 65 years old and up) running the marathon and half marathon.’ And I had no idea that AARP was sponsoring this marathon... oh... crap... I’m in the wrong ballroom aren’t I? Yup. I’m the only person in the room that doesn’t have a good first hand story about what I was doing when JFK was shot.

When I eventually found the right ballroom I grabbed my race packet and made several trips around the booths, sampling everything I could as many times as possible. Of course being a marathon expo all of the samples were things like energy drinks and energy bars and shot bloks and shot gels and why am I typing this post so fast? I feel like I am flying weeeeeeeeeeeee look at how fast I am typing this post!

The expo was pretty good, but I was beginning to think to myself ‘you know what this expo needs? -- More cowbell!’ That’s when I came across the table pictured to the right. All the cowbell that you could possibly want. I grabbed 2 cowbells and shoved them into my goodie bag, one for my 2 year old and one for my 4 year old. If that isn’t a recipe for noise then I don’t know what is.

Check back tomorrow for the Weekend Splits, but in the meantime “I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription ... is more cowbell!”


  1. Good luck for tomorrow- and you will be happy to know that I was ringing a cowbell (and shaking a maraca but not at the same time) for the runners in the Melbourne Marathon last weekend and everyone loves it, I just don't know why. Maybe it drowns out the sound of your own laboured breathing??
    (And I think that all that Halloween Candy sounds great for carb loading)

  2. Kick some butt this weekend Vanilla!

    I cannot wait for your race report!

  3. Vanilla... your blog ROCKS! You really cracked me up when you were in the wrong ballroom. As a former Denverite, I miss running in Denver (actually lived in Littleton-Grant Ranch for 7 years.) I sure miss the high altitude workout!


  4. Good luck tomorrow!
    And um, your wife if gonna kill you for those cowbells!

  5. Best of luck Vanilla in the 1/2 marathon tomorrow.

  6. Thanks for all your well wishes!

    For the record the half marathon is on Sunday so unless you're all across the international date line I'm running the day after tomorrow.

    And I already HATE Cowbells. I've been home for 3 or 4 hours and they're driving me up a wall.

    That'd be a good song for the AARP convention.

    Good Luck on SUNDAY!!!


  8. Hey I ran Chicago last year alongside an annnnncient granny. Is it bad that I still get a giddy feeling when I recall smoking her at mile 26??

    Have an awesome race Sunday... and maybe if those kids of yours put their cowbells under their pillows tonight the Marathon fairy will come and exchange them for a real treat?!

  9. I don't know if you read LISA -- Great Lakes Running Gal -- but her shirt at the Chicago marathon said: "I need more cowbell." So everytime we ran by crowds who noticed her shirt, we heard the chorus of cowbells. It's awesome.


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