Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Personal Running Log - September 2007

Not as much mileage as I would have liked for September, but that’s primarily due to the laziness in the week of 9/3. That was the week that I actually allowed myself to be content with a one mile run.

9/29/2007Misc RouteLong10 Mi1:37:249:45
9/27/2007Misc RouteTempo4.5 Mi43:359:42
9/24/2007Home TreadmillInterval7 Mi1:04:009:09
9/22/2007Misc RouteLong12 Mi2:00:4510:04
9/20/2007Misc RouteTempo8 Mi1:15:319:27
9/17/2007Home TreadmillInterval4 Mi36:479:12
9/15/200710 Mile LoopTempo10 Mi1:30:459:05
9/14/2007Misc RouteLong7.75 Mi1:17:019:57
9/10/2007Home TreadmillInterval5.5 Mi50:179:09
9/8/2007Misc RouteEasy1 Mi9:009:00
9/5/2007Misc RouteRace5 km27:108:45
9/2/2007Misc RouteLong12 Mi2:07:2510:38
Distance: 84.9 miles
Total Time: 13:39:40

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