Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Official Race Pictures

My apologies for not posting anything yesterday. I spent the better part of my day trying to purchase World Series tickets from the Rockies website, only to discover that ticket sales had been suspended due to the sheer volume of requests. At this point the Rockies may as well just hang up a sign saying Red Sox fans and Scalpers Welcome.

The official race pictures from the Denver Marathon have been posted on brightroom. This picture to the right is me running down the final stretch. I remember being extremely happy about being close to the finish, but this picture doesn't really capture much happiness at all. I look like I'm in pain. On a positive note you won’t see any of the marathon finishers in that picture with me because I finished ahead of them. Come to think of it Haile Gebrselassie recently set the marathon world record at 2:04:26 which means that even he wouldn’t have finished ahead of me. It also means that while he can almost run a marathon in the time it takes me to do half of one he is NOT twice as fast as me. He’s maybe only 1.98 times as fast as me. Strangely enough I take a lot of pride in that.

Many of you have asked what race I’m going to sign up for and to be honest I’m really not sure. I’m leaning towards the Rudolph’s Revenge 10K. Viper pointed out a while ago that the 10K is becoming an endangered distance and I have also noticed that there seem to be very few 10Ks to run. A 5K is too short to motivate me to train hard, I just finished training for a half marathon so I don’t want to do that again just yet, and as for Ali’s suggestion that I run a marathon... I'm laughing so hard right now that I can barely type. You crack me up Ali!


  1. The 10K is endangered. Soon it will have its own charity fund and movie stars will hold charity dinners to raise money on its behalf.

    Seriously, there are far fewer of them than 5Ks.

  2. Marathon! Marathon! Why not? Come on Vanilla, you know you want to.

  3. So, you're a little more than half as fast as Haile Gebrselassie?

    Tonight, before we go to bed, let us all say a prayer for the 10K.

  4. Just read here:

    that ticket sales have resumed for the Rockies. They said they were "under attack" from so many users on the site.

  5. don't let him fool you...while looking at other detroit marathon blogs...i happened upon one vanilla admitting that he will run a marathon "in the next year or two"...let me tell you vanilla one thing i learned - a marathon is twice as far as a 1/2 marathon! be careful, once you come over to the dark side, i've been told there is no going back.

  6. Nice picture. Very flamingo-like.

  7. Yes, I think we should save the 10K. Everyone sign up for one right now. Or maybe we need to start one of our own??

    I think the picture is pretty darn good. I didn't like mine so much, mostly because they didn't photoshop my thighs. Jerks. And I can't believe the prices they want. The least they could do is make me look like a half marathoner.

  8. Your picture... you look sooooo cold. And pink.

    Go for the marathon.

  9. Half-fast my a$$. That pic looks like you're haulin' a$$.

  10. You look so intense
    In that picture of you there
    Big kick to finish


  11. How about a 15k or a 10 miler. There are quite a few of those here on East Coast. Maybe there as well. Great photo.

  12. you look awesome.

    And you did great!!!

    I chuckle at doing a half~~but it is my goal & the full, well, I'm so jealous of everyone else doing them, I can't even really wrap my head around 26.2.

    so, for now, I'm living vicariously through them for the Full's for now.

    Great job!

  13. Congrats to you on sucking it up and finishing the Denver Half. I was a volunteer at the TNT water station that day, and it was DISMAL out there. Good job!

  14. Off topic, but you TOTALLY look like a soccer player!

  15. Kind of like David Beckham, right Amy?


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