Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nike is Scary

I love Nike. I love their apparel, I love their logo, I love the little Indonesian kids that they pay 5¢ a day to make my shoes, and I love their commercials and print ads. I don't think I've ever seen a Nike ad that I didn't like or that didn't inspire me. Nike must have the best marketing department this side of beer companies, and yet I will probably never own a pair of their running shoes. The video below was apparently banned from TV in the US because it was too scary, but that just makes it the perfect video for a Halloween post.

Too scary? The Nike spot isn’t even as scary as some of the promos for upcoming TV shows that I’ve seen aired on Sunday afternoons during football games that I’m watching with my kids. It’s not even as scary as that preceding run-on sentence. You want scary? Turn on the E! channel when they reveal what the Hollywood Celebs are wearing to their Halloween parties. Paris Hilton as a slutty cop/nurse/bunny/princess: Scary. Britney Spears as a Mom: Terrifying. Either one as any kind of role model: Traumatizing.

Have a safe Halloween everyone. I hope that you get plenty of Vanilla Tootsie Rolls and an awesome monster name like mine.

Villager-Abducting, Nun-Injuring Lycanthrope from the Legendary Abbey

Get Your Monster Name

If you were wondering, a lycanthrope is a werewolf. Yes, I had to look it up. Sue me.


  1. I LOOOOVVEEE that commercial. In fact I was thinking of it this morning while I was running in the dark on today of all days . . .Halloween. Unfortunately it did not light a fire under my butt because I was really dragging LOL

  2. Wow, she left bad guy in the dust. Cool.

  3. Nike is genius. Scary from a Dad vs Mom perspective- That would scare little ones too long until she gets away. Ya Ya I'm being a mom about it- that's why they have both parents :)

  4. Great Halloween video! I love Nike too, but I'll stick with thier clothing, instead of shoes.

  5. Can't watch the video because scary things...well they really scare me.

    But they have been runing this awful promo for the news station about some scary doctor in town, yikes!

    Love nike running pants, really hate their NIKE races though.

  6. I love Nike too - and ditto on the running shoes. But I just dropped some serious cash on the new line of Nike winter gear that just hit Niketown ;)

  7. You know, "nike" is Greek for "victory." And when Phidipiddes (sp?) ran from Marathon to Athens, he yelled "nike!" -- then fell down dead.

    It's the running that can be dead scary.

  8. Too scary? I fear for this country... :)

  9. Nike has a lot of great commercials, but that one is one of my favorites. I like Nike too. I've even started wearing their shoes because the Nike+ sensor works better when you wear Nike shoes. I like their clothes, but find them a bit expensive.

  10. while watching jeopardy today, one of the clues was asking for the more common name of a lycanthrope and i was able to answer correctly. thanks!

  11. The scariest part about Nike is how, every time I would fall in love with a pair of their shoes, they will discontinue them.

    R.I.P. Air Haywood
    R.I.P. Zoom Miler
    R.I.P. Air Apace

    Hello, Asics Gel Nimbus IX.


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