Monday, October 1, 2007

More Celebrity Goodness from the Denver Marathon

A little over a month ago I managed to offend super-sensitive commenter Daniel when I called out the folks at the Denver Marathon over their somewhat exaggerated use of the word "celebrity." I sure hope that Daniel is not still reading this blog because I just received an e-mail from the Denver Marathon with the remainder of the "celebrities" who will be running.

In case you missed my first post on this subject, or missed Daniel's comment you can find them here.

The complete list of "celebrities" (new to the list "celebrities" are bolded):
  • Rowdy Gaines - gold medal-winning Olympic swimmer.
  • Bill Romanowski - former Denver Broncos player.
  • Alex Smith - cast member of MTV's Real World Denver.
  • Scott Elrod - cast member on ABC's "Men in Trees."
  • Jake Schroeder - lead singer of Opie Gone Bad.
  • Marni Rachich - "Peekaboo Screech" on the Denver Roller Dolls.
  • Vic Lombardi - CBS4 sportscaster.
  • Maggie Ireland - Miss Colorado 2007.
  • Chris Anthony - extreme skier and star of 17 Warren Miller films.
  • Ami Cusack - cast member of CBS' "Survivor 9 Vanuatu".
  • Whitney Gustafson - Broncos Cheerleader.
  • Stephen Keel - a Colorado Rapids defender player. (Their phrasing, not mine.)
  • Dave McGillivray - Race Director of the Denver and Boston Marathon.

To be honest I don't really have anything further to say and probably would have just let this slide by unnoticed if Daniel hadn't commented on the last post, but now I feel like I have to defend the position that I took. I'm guessing that Daniel is actually someone who is involved with the Denver Marathon, because I really can't fathom someone on the list being upset about a blog with a daily readership of under 200. I also find it hard to believe that this actually reached one of the people on the list. Daniel is probably the talent coordinator for the Denver Marathon and was Googling "Denver Marathon celebrities" to see what people were saying about the wonderful job he did of bringing in A list celebrities to run this thing when he came across Half-Fast. It's really too bad because I found Daniel's comment amusing, he seems like a funny guy. I'm quite sure that we'd have been best of friends if we'd have met under different circumstances.

As I stated previously I have no beef with any of the people who are volunteering to run for the benefit of a charity. I was merely pointing out that there are very few of them that I would consider to be celebrities, but hey, what do I know? I'm just some dick with a blog.


  1. Who the heck are the Denver Roller Dolls? Maybe you have to be from Denver to get it?

  2. They are the Professional Women’s Roller Derby team here in Denver. I’d never heard of them either.

  3. ROFLMAO That list keeps getting better and better! The only person I recognized was Rowdy Gaines (why? I have no idea. I don't even like to swim but I knew he was a swimmer LOL) Wonder if Daniel will come back? I sure hope so LOL

  4. Yes, I remember Daniel well.

    You're sassy today, Vanilla!

  5. Well Danny boy can just go sit on a tack. I mean honestly... who takes ANYTHING you write on here seriously?

    Perhaps he should try running in the Denver Marathon to release some of that pent up anger and hostility?

  6. I love it! I admit, I'm a reality whore, but I wouldn't even count Alex from "The Real World" and Ami from "Survivor Vanuatu" as celebrities. I don't even remember who Ami is!

  7. *blink*

    WOW, what a celebrity list!

    Oh - and I think it is great that you re-viited this out of spite.

    I love spite.

  8. I would want to run with Bill Romanowski! I was a huge Bronco fan as a kid growing up in Denver and I remember watching Romanowski -- that would be awesome.

  9. Romanowski, better be very nice to him.

  10. @Rob: Trust me, if the upset commenter would have been named Bill R. then I would have been apologizing like crazy and begging forgiveness.

  11. The only name I recognize is Dave McGillivray...surprising coming from a runner, huh?

    Oh, and Vince Lombardi, but dude, does he really run??? I prolly just pissed Daniel off.

    Keep being a dick with a blog...we wouldn't have it any other way!


    One of your greatest "Fans"

  12. When I run a race, let's be honest it's not for the so called celebrities, it's for the swag. They are so endorsing the wrong thing here... unless those cheerleaders are giving out something, which still doesn't really do anything for me.

  13. I find it very shortsighted that you do not consider Miss Colorado 2007 a celebrity.

    She can run in my race any day. :)

    And I have no idea who any of those other people are.


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