Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Denver Half Marathon – The Aftermath

Note: This is essentially part 2 of my race report. If you missed part 1 which was actually about the running part of the race you can read it here.

Do I look cold? I am.

The thrill of my accomplishment was quickly stifled by the cold. Not 10 paces past the finish line I stopped while some kind volunteer cut the timing chip off my shoe. I was terrified that she was going to ask me to lift my leg up because rigor mortis had already set in. I was looking around somewhat dazedly at the crowd wondering how long it was going to take her to cut the stupid thing off when I realized she had already moved on to the next finisher.

Hey. Where’s my freakin’ medal? I crossed the finish line a good 20 seconds ago. I followed the other runners to a table where they were handing out bottled water. Not interested. Who’s handing out the medals? Finally I see a guy handing them out and I make my way over to him. Each step is painful but well worth the shiny goodness now within my grasp. He hands me the medal still in its plastic bag and my frozen, wet fingers can’t get the stupid thing open. I thought a beautiful woman was supposed to hang the medal around my neck for me upon completing the race. I’m disappointed.

After the medal ceremony handout, I followed the other medaled runners down some steps (ow ow ow ow) and found myself in line for something. I was a little confused from the cold and the pain and it didn’t even occur to me to find out what the line was for until someone came up behind me and asked “what’s this the line for?” I looked up to the front of the line and saw that it went into a tent.
“It’s the line to get in there,” I answered pointing at the tent.
“What’s in there?” he was clearly not satisfied with my original answer.
“No rain,” I said, as if it should have been obvious. At this point the guy in front of me turned and told us that they were giving out free pairs of dry socks in there. I frowned. What am I going to do with dry socks? My shoes are soaked and it’s still raining.

Next stop was the bag check to reclaim my sweatshirt and pants. Cheer Team Vanilla met up with me there and it’s a good thing too, because I was so sore that I needed help getting into my sweatpants. I grabbed another couple of goodie bags, my free beer and we began the walk back to the car. I was walking so slowly that my wife walked on ahead to start the car despite the fact that she was pushing 2 kids in a stroller.

All in all it was a good race and a really nice course past many of the Denver landmarks. The organizers did a wonderful job and if they keep pulling off world class events like this I bet they’ll even be able to get some celebrities to come run this thing.

Congratulations to Lei who was the closest to guessing what my time would be for the race. Lei if you want to e-mail me your address I will send your prize to you just as soon as I figure out what it is going to be.

Cheer Team Vanilla went up to my office to briefly get out of the rain and snapped this picture of the start.

I'm such a goofball.

This is the shirt I got... and my medal.

This is the vanilla shot that I didn't use... and my medal.

Awww, wook at da' cute widdle 8oz beer... and my medal. Yeah, this beer shot was not going to be enough to make me forget about the pain.

Did I mention I got this medal?


  1. You are making me nervous with all this talk of how sore you were. Man, I hope I get the medal too.

    Great job!! Nice pics, too.

  2. What a good lookin' medal! ;)

  3. Neatly done... you showed your mettle and your medal both.

    I do hope you got to wear the dry socks and put your feet up by a warm fire afterwards.

  4. That is an awesome medal. Great job!

  5. Gret job! Oh by the waay, you need to show more pictures of the medal.

    We need more medal!

  6. Prize = 2 gently used cowbells

  7. You totally passed up a good opportunity in a prize for lei. You should have picked up those undies (that someone discarded during the race) . . .those babies would've been the best prize ever :P

    You rock!

  8. Ok, so the soreness...was that just from the freezing rain or from the half? Now you really have me nervous :P

  9. I think the medal with the mini "silver bullet" should be framed. That's a match made in heaven.

    Your pictures with the capitol behind you reminded me of all the field trips I had to take there while I was growing up. Have you ever heard that sometimes people "pan" for gold in the capitol's gutters when it rains? Because the top portion is plated in gold, when it rains, I guess small gold particles float off, so people stand by the gutters and collect it. That's what you could've been doing on race day and you may have gotten enough gold to make your own medal!

  10. sorry - i missed the pics of the medal. where were they?

    I always get disappointed that you can't unwrap them to reveal chocolate treats :(

  11. A thimble of beer and you had to put on your own medal? You should have marched (or limped) over to the capital building and demanded action. These race organizers need to clean up their act!

    But that is a handsome medal.

  12. Enjoy the recovery!

    So, um, did you at least get a medal?

    Oh, there it is.

  13. That's a fantastic idea Mother Smuckers, Marcy... not so much. ;)

    Jess I had never heard that. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Lei, Just send him any address- please. You would love the cowbells!

  15. Wouldn't it be cool if the medal was actually a beer on a ribbon? Then you could drink the medal. Sweeeeeeeeeet.

  16. Nicely reported. One question; did you not keep the medal's plastic baggie?

  17. Oh Ian, everyone knows that medals are for wieners ;)

    Just kidding, it's beautiful!

  18. Outstanding job and congrats on the sub 2hr Half !!! Enjoy the rest !

  19. Great Job! (I use exclamation points very conseratively)

  20. my last half I didn't even get a medal. Medals only for the top 3 and I finished 6th. I would have been mad, but since 6th was dead last in my age category, I figured I didn't deserve a medal anyway.

    congrats on the medal and the sub 2 hour half.

  21. I finished the full Marathon in just over 6 hours (would have been sooner but the bathroom at Wash park was SO needed). All I cared about at the end was my medal and a quick death. It took me a while to find them as they were packing up everything. The guy shoved 3 plastic wrapped medals into my hand just to get rid of me!


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