Monday, October 8, 2007

Chicago Marathon - Game Off

In case you hadn't already heard (doubtful) the Chicago Marathon was called off yesterday due to excessive heat and insufficient water. Runners who had not reached the midpoint at the time of the cancellation were re-routed and instructed to walk, at which point I'd have probably instructed someone to pucker up to my posterior. I cannot even imagine how disappointed you would be as a runner to have trained so hard for something only to have it cancelled midway. It would be easy to rant and rave against the Chicago Marathon, but I'll leave that to the people who actually ran it.

Of the runners I mentioned in the last post, Tom has posted a race report and Doug has posted his time but it will certainly be interesting to see what everyone has to say. I hope that all are well and look forward to hearing their thoughts on Sunday’s race.

Once again, major props to those who ran:


  1. I hope everyone can relish their accomplisment in getting to the start -- it is obviously a long journey to prepare. Bingham says something like, the miracle isn't in that I finished, the miracle is that I started.

    Congrats to all who got there, I hope you are safe and recovering.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, but things ended badly for me. It was disappointing, but oh well, shit happens.

  3. I'm working on my recap right now but one of the reasons I heard they also stopped the race was because they ran out of ambulances.


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