Friday, September 7, 2007

What I Learned on my Summer Vacation

Editor's Note: Today at Half-Fast I am pleased to introduce my first ever 'guest blogger' as you are being graced with my wife's post race report. This is good news for me because it means today's post takes little to no effort on my part, Candis even told me what to title it. Should you want to read more from Candis you can visit her very humorous blog Icing Side Up. The picture below is blurry because she is just that fast, not because the camera sucks, and certainly not due to operator error. Without further ado, here is the unedited, unabridged race report:

Yes, I did finish ahead of that kid.
  • 5K's are a lot less effort for the same post race spread and free beer
  • The calories you burn during a 5K can never equal Outback steak, chicken and flan
  • 34 minutes is a lot faster than it sounds
  • Overcoming my exercise induced asthma is a lot easier than that fat guy overcoming his mass
  • That fat guy will still run if he gets passed by a girl even though it might actually kill him
  • Your husband will not notice the courses winding rivers or appreciate the rolling landscape- and this is the guy who hates running on a treadmill
  • Running on grass- Suuuucks
  • I will always be able to find a race excuse for why I was not fast
    (In case you want to know, the Bolder Boulder was too hot and the Chamber Challenge was too windy)
  • I was born running-underprivileged (if only I were Kenyan)
  • I will forever be Mrs. Half-Fast


  1. Awesome Job babe - both on the report and the race!

  2. Great race report!! CONGRATS!!!! Awesome job! ;D ;D Are you wearing one of those cute running skirts? (Gaaawwdd who took this pic? Someone who obviously doesn't know what he's doing :P Wait . . .Vanilla you did take that pic, right? LMAO!)

  3. Yes, I took the picture. But in my defense I had just run a 5K. ;)

  4. Running Underpriiledged, I love it. That's my new favorite excuse!

  5. 34 minutes is super fast! Congratulations on an awesome race Candis.

    I love the running skirt ... I don't want to know what goes on in the privacy of your own home ... but do you take turns wearing it?

  6. Excellent reportage! I like the "excuses" even though 34 minutes is pretty speedy, especially on grass.

  7. Thank you so much for defining my ailment - Running Underprivileged!!! LOL I'm loving the skirt, too. Just, please, don't tell me how many times Vanilla has skipped around the bedroom in it :X

    But seriously, way to kick that kid's butt!

  8. Good job Candis! I'm so glad you beat that little punk in the skateboarding shoes.

  9. I loved the race report, Lets hear it for Outback. I will have to check in ob both of your blogs. One question, Who is faster? the Mr or Mrs Half Fast?

  10. "Your husband will not notice the courses winding rivers or appreciate the rolling landscape..." because he is busy checking out running skirts and cabooses. That is the same kind of "scenery" my husband takes in.

    It is always good to have a supply of excuses, because people are always trying to spoil your triumphant crossing of the finish line by asking about the time!

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  12. Congrats on a great race! Awesome race report :D

  13. Congrats! 34 minutes is a great first 5k time!

    I have to say, as a fellow EIA suffer I loved your line: "Overcoming my exercise induced asthma is a lot easier than that fat guy overcoming his mass."

    Keep it up!! :)



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