Sunday, September 9, 2007

Weekend Splits

Weekend Splits is my recap of things that I found interesting or humorous over the past week. If you have a submission for the weekend splits e-mail me.

This edition of the Weekend Splits is being posted on Sunday, September 9th which just so happens to be the birthday of some pretty cool celebrities: Michael Keaton, Hugh Grant, Adam Sandler, Rachel Hunter (no surprise that she's the one whose picture I chose to display), Joe Theismann, Macy Gray, and Vanilla – that's right. Me! Also on September 9th California was admitted as the 31st state of the United States, so you see, it wasn't always good times and noodle salad on the 9th.

Happy Birthday Rachel Hunter!

Have you ever wondered why your running shoes smell? Just Your Average Joggler breaks it down in detail, but he doesn't just stop there. He's a problem solver, so he also tells you the best method to clean your running shoes too. Notice that I said "YOU" and "YOUR SHOES" because my shoes don't stink. My sweat smells of rose petals and cinnamon and has been known to restore sight in blind people, I also piss excellence.

EDIT: - I just found additional 'smelly shoe advice' complete with hilarious video over at Runners Lounge. Check it out.

Ali over at Just One More Mile continues to run every day and has proclaimed that she will do so until she reaches 100 (consecutive runs not years old). She's getting Limbaugh'd on Ibuprofen and running a half marathon today. Best of luck Ali, I hope that you PR. I also hope that I'm faster than you in 5 weeks when I run my half marathon because it's my secret goal to be faster than any of my readers or commenters. Once I stop getting faster I'll just have to start eliminating readers who I believe to be faster than me. Watch out Marcy!

EDIT: - Just read Ali's blog and she did PR. 2:07:01. Awesome Job Ali!

For any runners out there who are looking for advice I'd highly recommend that you contact Amy Lawson. Why? Just take a look at the advice that she gives. She's better than Dear Abby, who's probably a guy anyway.

That's all I've got this week. As always please e-mail me if you run across something that you'd like to see linked on the Weekend Splits.

Thanks to those who mentioned or linked to Half-Fast this past week, it's always greatly appreciated. Those whose links I found include:

Have a great weekend everyone. Don't forget to wish me a happy birthday in the comments, if you do it early enough in the day I might still be sober enough to read your well wishes.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VANILLA! Another charming Virgo. Hope you had a great day and that you were treated like royalty all day.

  2. I am glad that rose-petal-and-cinnamon-scented-feeted you was born! Have fun today, and keep it classy. Or are the two states mutually exclusive?

  3. Happy Birthday - enjoy your happy day - hope you convinced your family to treat you to a birthday weekend, or heck, birthday week!

  4. WHoooo Hoooooo Happy Birthday Vanilla!!! Are you going to tell us how old you are today? :P

    You know, I thought that was a picture of Nicolette Sheridan at first :-X :-X Which is never good because Rachel Hunter is waaaaaayyy hotter than that.

    Thanks for the shout out homie! I was just tryin to get your panties (sexy running skirt :P) in a bunch . . . I'm still hoping for someone to go Daniel on me :P

  5. Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for the shout out! I did PR and busted my butt at the end just to give you something to strive for.

  6. Happy Birthday! I imagine you treated yourself to a glorious morning run because it's your favorite time of day.

    We'll all slow down if we have to in order to remain readers and commenters who run slower!

    Have a great birthday!

  7. Happy birthday Vanilla! :)

  8. Happy Birthday Vanilla!!!Amy's mom-grandma:)

  9. Happy Birfday!

    How'd you know I posted your link on RW? You're stalker material if I've ever seen it.

  10. Happy Birthday Vanilla. I gave you your presents earlier. Check my blog on August 8th & 10th.

    And I get to remain a faithful reader, because I am, for sure, slower than Half-Fast.


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