Saturday, September 1, 2007

Personal Running Log - August 2007

EDIT - I'm changing the date on this post so that the Weekend Splits are at the top of the page, but this was really posted on Sunday evening 9/2 after the Weekend Splits.

I mentioned back when I posted my June '07 Personal Running Log that I was disappointed that it was only 40 miles and that I was hoping that it would get to be closer to 80 miles. As evidenced below I ran 97.8 miles in August. If I would have known at the end of August that I was 2.2 miles away from running 100 miles in a month I would have surely gone for an easy 2.2 mile run.

Today (Sunday 9/2) I went for my longest run ever - 12 miles. It's not shown below because today is September and below is the personal running log for August, can't you read the title? I'm thinking about chronicling the longest run of my life in a separate post, but I'm pretty exhausted right now so it will have to wait.

8/29/2007Misc RouteTempo9.3 Mi1:37:3410:30
8/27/2007Home TreadmillEasy3.5 Mi33:029:27
8/24/200710 Mile LoopLong10 Mi1:36:109:37
8/23/2007Misc RouteTempo6 Mi55:189:13
8/20/2007Home TreadmillInterval5.5 Mi50:329:12
8/18/20078 Miles Out & BackEasy8 Mi1:17:519:44
8/15/2007Misc RouteLong9 Mi1:27:579:47
8/13/2007TrackInterval5 Mi45:069:02
8/12/200710 Mile LoopLong10 Mi1:39:309:57
8/9/20076 Mile Loop Long HillTempo6 Mi54:099:02
8/7/2007Home TreadmillInterval6 Mi55:559:20
8/5/20078 Miles Out & BackTempo8 Mi1:16:049:31
8/2/20076 Mile Loop Long HillLong6 Mi59:319:56
8/1/2007Home TreadmillInterval5.5 Mi51:109:19
Distance: 97.8 miles
Total Time: 15:39:49


  1. You go, dude! Hot damn, 12 miles is a long way!

  2. Did you pee on yourself? Did you lose a toenail? The suspense is killing me! Do dish!


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