Friday, September 21, 2007

Jessica Simpson is Running

The above picture is the lovely Jessica Simpson running yesterday in LA. The picture is posted here so that we can analyze her running posture and should not be used for ogling purposes. It appears to me that she is using the Pose method of running, as opposed to being a heel-striker. Bravo Jessica! It also looks like she overpronates a touch and should perhaps buy some running shoes that are designed to correct that. Finally, she does appear to be a little top heavy. Woo Hooo! The only other thing that is wrong with the picture is that it is a still picture. Man, what I wouldn't give to have that be a video.

This has been an educational moment brought to you by Half-Fast.

Yowza! Nice Stems!

In related news I'll be moving to LA very shortly where I will be performing the ultra-ironman-feat of running around all the parks in LA non-stop until I am joined by Jessica Simpson. Once she smells my vanilla-y sweet sweat she'll be all mine.

Personal note to Candis, my beloved wife: I'm sorry you had to find out this way. I think you'd do the same if Matthew McConaghay was single and out running around.

By the way you can click the pictures for full-sized analysis of Jessica's running form.

With thanks to WWTDD, who has more pictures if you're interested, and why wouldn't you be?


  1. "you go ahead babe, we'll call her an alternate"

    btw I don't think shes so good at keeping her men.

    Did you hear where Matthew was running?!? I should run there, he probably knows the best training spots.

  2. Wow, she is smoking hot.

    Sorry I stole your topic today, but she is far more interesting that any PBS shiz.

    And I agree...some definite overpronation.

  3. This is simply exploitation. Using your running blog to post pic of good looking celebrities, then trying to make it running related. Disgusting!

    This is embrassing to serious bloggers such as myself.

    Personal note to Candis ... I am planning a tour of warm climate states later this year. That's where Matty runs, anywhere warm, so he requires minimal clothing. I plan to stalk. Armed with a bottle of sunscreen to apply ... you are welcome to join me!

  4. I suppose I can't take the moral high ground re: your choice of pictures, since I have a nekkid man on my blog. Maybe Jessica could persuade Britney to go for a run. If you're going to have people snapping your photo, might as well be for something positive :)

  5. Is she wearing Nike Shox? What a poser. I mean Poser.

  6. Great form and umm a lovely pair........

    of a shoes :-)

  7. Aren't some of her good looks diminshed by the fact that she only has a peanut for a brain? I mean, triceratops had more going on up there than Jessica Simpson does!

  8. Isn't she only running for a movie role? Some "Major Loser" or something like that? I fail to believe she "actually" runs on her own accord.

    But I will be attending that Matthew hunt with your wife.

  9. Vanilla why didn't you post the good pics of these? The ones were you can see her hooters are turned "on" LOL She's got killer legs (and yes . . .hooters :P)

  10. Yikes, hope no one is sneaking pictures of me as I run by...I mean being a big star and all..err ok fine they probably aren't and I would surely be far sweatier.

  11. If Matthew McConaghay was single and out running around your wife wife would move to Austin, TX? Either she has no taste or she wants to punish herself with a downgrade...

    Flattery - what the hell!


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