Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Blog Action Day is October 15th

I first heard about Blog Action Day (hereinafter referred to as BAD because that's easier to type and sounds way cooler) through Kara's blog and then again through Pat's. BAD is an effort to get as many people as possible to write about a single topic on October 15th. The topic? The environment.

Now if there's one thing I hate to do it's commit to something. If there's two things I hate to do it's: 1) commit to something and 2) get all preachy and serious about an important topic like the environment. So as you can see this is really a lose-lose proposition for me. Also October 15th is the day after my half marathon which is when I was hoping to post a race report, so that really makes it a lose-lose-lose situation.

On the other hand I do like to have days when the topic of my post is already decided. If I were to take part in BAD I could encourage all my readers to do the same and then tell you all how to be more environmentally friendly as runners, and I really enjoy telling other people what to do. So I guess I'm semi committed to it. I'm not married to it, but we're not seeing other people either. Although, if it keeps leaving its stuff in my bathroom cabinet I'm going to start getting a little freaked out.

What kind of impact will BAD have? I don't really know. I suspect that after reading 4 or 5 blogs that all talk about the environment I will get sick of reading about it and head over to Runner's World forums.

Each participant in BAD is encouraged to write about the environment as it relates to the general topic of their blog and in there own particular style. For me that means I'd be discussing running and the environment, and as is my style I'll probably make fun of the environment, and give it a bit of a literary smack around - you know, in a playful, good natured, long-time-frat-brothers kind of way.

Finally, here's a Deep Thought by Jack Handey for you that pertains to the environment.

"If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason."

If there's anyone reading this from BAD then that's the kind of post you can expect from me on October 15th. You guys are lucky to have me on board. Well, semi-on-board to be more precise.

Unrelated note: I'm running my first 5K tonight with my wife, so I'll have a race report for you tomorrow, and if I can talk her into writing one perhaps one from my wife too.


  1. I wonder are we all creative enough to have something different to say on the same topic...wait don't we all have running blogs?

  2. BAD - October 15 - Maybe... Maybe, yes... Maybe, no...

    Excellent excuses, now can I use any of them?

  3. Maybe you could do things for the environment while running the half. Talk to fellow runners along the way and ask them if they recycle ... like a survey. Then you could do a race report and an environmental update in one post!

    Genius I know!

    Good luck for tonight

  4. Well crap, I was going to try to pretend I hadn't seen that Blog Action Day post a couple of other places but it's getting hard to ignore.

    I'll probably do it too, if I can remember, because it's a really important issue. But there's something about the way it's getting so "trendy" to suddenly (and sometimes superficially) care about the environment that brings out the contrarian in me. Not that I'm going to start dumping toxic barrels of sludge into fresh mountain streams or anything.

    So I'm like you--semi-committed but you never know, I might need to wash my hair (with biodegradable shampoo) that day.

  5. I may jump on the BAD-wagon... I'll just have to be reminded. Good luck on your run tonight!

  6. Just remember, whey you 'throw away' there is no 'away'. that's deep isn't it?

  7. You really gotta love Jack Handey, don't you? That man takes the words right out of my mouth ;) Sounds like it could be cool...or incredibly boring. I'm more excited to hear about the 5k your wife is making you do ;)

  8. So on Oct 15th I should go out for a run, take a dump next to a tree and then come back and blog about how I did the environment a favor by fertilizing a tree?

    Will do! :P

  9. I will look forward to the race report -- hope it went well!

    I will have to think about this BAD post, as long as I can make mine a BAD ASS post! Hmmmm, what will the ASS stand for? I'll have to ponder that one.

  10. I also love pretermined topics. Maybe I'll write about how many dirty diapers my son has produced and how I should feel more guilty about it.

    Hope your 5k was awesome...can't wait to hear!

  11. LMAO at Marcy, hee hee.

    Not that I am anti-talking about the environment, but if you like pre-determined topics, perhaps we could suggest one??!!

    Oh what the hell, I usually find a respectable receptacle for my gu packets. Even when they make my hand all sticky til I can find one.

  12. Maybe we can all run races on the 14th and then write about the guilt we felt when dropping that paper cup on the ground.

  13. Marcy--

    I totally did that a couple of Sundays ago. It was early in the morning, and I was about 1.5 miles from a bathroom. The tree IS much greener nowadays, as I still run past it almost daily.

  14. I may jump in on BAD, but it is two days after the Baltimore half (not sure). Nice Jack Handey quote, I like .. my parents thought laughter was the best medicine, that is probably why so many of us died of TB.

  15. Nancy, I'm actually toying with the idea of letting the readers pick the topic for a post. Great idea!

    Rob, excellent Jack Handey quote, those are always welcome in the comments.

    I'm working on the race report so it should be up shortly.

  16. Were you so singing Michael Jackson when you wrote this? I am so singing Michael Jackson as I read it.

    Go on, bust out the dance.

  17. You’re a talented writer. So I'm looking forward to your BAD manifesto.
    Good luck on your race – 5K –> piece a cake!


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