Friday, August 3, 2007

Video Friday

I've got serious writer's block today which means that today is Video Friday, or if you prefer, phone-it-in-Friday. Have you ever heard of free running? It really has nothing to do with running at all as you or I would think about it other than the word running is in the title. That's enough for my loose standards of what constitutes a running related post, especially on a day like today when my fingers are as eager to start typing as a cyclist is to give a urine sample. There's no better way to explain what free running is other than to just show you the video. Editor's Note: The sound was pretty loud on my computer with this video so if you're sitting at work watching this (sucker!) you might want to mute it – it's just crappy music anyway.

Impressive huh? If you've seen Casino Royale (the latest Bond film starring Daniel Craig) then you saw Sebastien Foucan doing some free running tricks/acrobatics in the opening scene. Sebastien Foucan is one of the founders of this new sport called free running. If you didn't see the opening scene, watch the video below.

They don't show it but Bond eventually catches up to him and ices him. It's OK. He was a bomb maker, he had it coming. Plus his name sounds French. If you're interested in watching more free running videos, Google it yourself or search for it on YouTube, there are tons of them out there. The last three videos for today are just funny running related commercials.

That last one is a good example of why you should not allow yourself to be distracted by something while you're out running, just keep going.


  1. I say a similar clip over on Bob's (Blog My Runs) blog. That stuff is insane!! Maybe I should look into it since my running sucks LOL

  2. That looks eerily like my run on Thursday! :-) Seriously, that looks like just the type of video I try to keep from my sons. They find that stuff way to fascinating. As an aside - I went and got the tune from itunes before I got to your little critique of the music. I like my run tunes to be fast and angry LOL


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