Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Much Anticipated Morning Run

At five o'clock this morning my alarm sounded. SCREW. THAT. I leaned over and hit the snooze button, perhaps a little harder than necessary, but certainly no harder than a snooze button deserves or is used to. Six minutes later the alarm clock again started begging for more punishment. I turned it off. What idiot thought this would be a good idea? But then, just when I thought that I couldn't be any stupider I found my feet on the floor and I was getting dressed to go run. At five o'clock. In the morning. In spite all of YOUR negativity in the comments of yesterday's post and in spite of my ever supportive wife, who said to me last night as I was getting into bed: "You know, it would be funnier if you failed."
"Excuse me?!?"
"Your blog. It would make for a funnier post in the morning if you failed."
Awww, thanks honey. I love you too.

In a state of semi-sleep, I pulled my shorts on, laced up my shoes, and went to go check on the coffee. I had pre-programmed our coffee machine last night so that it would be ready for me this morning. Great thinking right? Except for one little oversight. Some idiot forgot to put the coffee grounds in it. Can I interest you in a nice hot pot of water? No? How about a new coffee machine to replace the one I just threw across the kitchen? This is not looking promising.

As I am about to head out, I observe that my shorts are on inside out. Nice work genius. I guess that's what happens when you dress yourself in a sleepy stupor. I remedy the problem and start out for my run. The first thing I notice is that the picture I posted yesterday of the morning runner is full of crap! It's still pitch black out. There's no beautiful sunrise like the one in the picture. Even the sun is not stupid enough to be up at this abominable hour. Undeterred, I continue with my run. It was actually a pretty good run, all things considered. I ran 4 tempo miles (9:00 goal pace) with a warm up mile and a cool down mile. I don't imagine that you're particularly interested in the splits, but you're getting them anyway because I'm a little cranky.

Mile 1 - 9:45 (warm up)
Mile 2 - 9:00
Mile 3 - 8:30
Mile 4 - 8:44
Mile 5 - 8:25
Mile 6 - 9:47 (cool down)

So the actual running part was good. The getting up early, not so much. I've already had two large cups of coffee here at work and I'm still as tired as a Lindsay Lohan excuse. Another good thing about the run this morning was that there was no one else on the trail, and that made me feel like I was a hardcore runner. The bad part was that there was no else on the trail to see me being a hardcore runner. You will all just have to take my word for it. I was hardcore this morning.

The jury is still out on whether running in the mornings is good or not. It's supposed to get up to 97 degrees today so I guess it's a plus that I got my run in early. We'll see how tired I feel for the rest of the day. The real payoff will come tonight when I get home from work and don't have to run. I'm already looking forward to getting my couch potato on. Oh, and the sun did eventually rise. I took a couple of pictures (below) of the sunrise as proof and because I don't know if and when I'll ever see another one. Sunrises are really, really spectacular! Who knew?

Click pictures to enlarge.


  1. I love your wife's comment!

    Congrats on the much anticipated morning run. I am going to be totally supportive now, it was an awesome idea, I knew you could do it!

    I actually really like morning runs ... on the weekend ... just not when I have to go to work.

  2. I'd like to hang out with your wife!

  3. Steak dinner? bottle of wine? let's celebrate with calories baby! I'd love to hang out with you to Amy- love your blog-

  4. once you are vertical, its' not so bad. i have slept in my running clothes too ... get up, shoes on, get out the door before saner thoughts prevail.

    once i swithed to being a morning runner, i took up the coffee habit i kicked 15 years ago. it is an absolute neceessity!

  5. It's true: the failure posts are funnier. Plus, posts about falling down, throwing up, or crapping yourself. All of those get raving comments. Succeed? And well, it's not as funny.

    But it is good for you! So, congrats on getting up and getting it done. Of course, you realize that you are now the alarm's be-atch, don't you?

  6. Those look like sunsets to me. Just kiddin'. Way to go. I knew you could do it.

    I'd like to hang out with your wife, Amy too.

  7. Just to be clear. Candis is my wife (she posted above), Amy is a cool blogger friend (see Lawsons Do Dallas).

    Making matters more confusing two other Amy's also post here. One is my sister and the other is from Runners Lounge.

    To Recap: 3 Amy's, 1 Wife.

  8. are you ready to convert to a morning runner yet??? Come on 5 am isn't that bad is it?

  9. And you didn't see any nude priests running about?
    ; )

    Nice sunrise capture.

  10. You lucky guy!! The only way to get a run in with my work schedule is to get up at 2:30. Twelve hour shifts and a family leave little time for daily fitness frivolity. Love your blog, thanks for keeping it up.

  11. 5 am- just wrong. 6 am- maybe. 7 am- we can talk about. 8 am-I am sure that is the time God intended us to wake up.

    Your wife should get together with my husband. Anytime I set the alarm and lay my clothes out he has some funny smirk on his face. He knows now if I don't make it not to say anything. He got in big trouble one time with a silent head shake after I snoozed one to many times.

    Good job getting up and getting it done!

  12. Half-Fast -- Glad to see that your morning run was good. I'm not sure what time zone you're in but if it's EDT, then we were running the same type of workout in different places together! I usually don't get out until between 5:15 and 5:30 but woke up early this morning. You certainly saw a prettier sunset than I did in Richmond.

    If my comment yesterday came across as anything other than supportive, then let me correct that. Early morning runs are great and I encourage everybody to do it. The darkness is even good because you can't really see how slow you're running. :)

    Bob -- Richmond, VA

  13. While it may have been funnier to fail, it wouldn't have been helpful in the grand scheme of things (but I have to admit your wife is one funny lady). Great job on getting out of bed. That was most definitely the hardest part of the run!

  14. From the looks of those splits I'd say you were def hardcore this morning :-) Nothing like coming home from work kicking back and having a nice frosty instead of a run. We'll make an AM-er out of you!

  15. Great humorous blog! After the way that some people look at runners, it does help to have a sense of humor.

    I live in the Denver area. Gonna run in the Georgetown to Idaho Springs half-marathon on Saturday. Don't worry though, I will definitely not be leading the pack!

    Funny blog! Keep it up!

  16. Good job getting out there. I have done it a few times but just can't seem to make it a habit.

  17. Welcome to the Morning Runner's Club.. Looking forward to hearing more running posts.

    Now didn't that feel better?? A morning run cures all for the rest of the day.

    It is hard to knock me off my runner's high I get after my morning runs.

    I can not run at night, especially after work, I am juat to wiped.

  18. Your so awesome. Congrats on getting it done.

  19. Let go of your sordid run-later-in-the-day past. Embrace mornings and enjoy what Marcy and Running Hoosier have discovered...

  20. "One of us, one of us!" Congratulations on getting that dreaded morning run in. At least you noticed your shorts were on inside out before you were out the door. That early in the morning, there have been a few times I've had them on inside out for the duration.

  21. I once did the run with shorts inside out and then had to run over to Kinko's...looked down and discovered it then. Geesh. At least you figured it out before you left.

  22. Congratulations! Glad you made it out.

    I feel your pain. When I was training for my last marathon I used to get up at 5 to run most mornings. The great thing about running in the morning is, you get to be the cheeriest, most energised person at work in the morning! Unfortunately, I used to hit the wall around 3pm and was a basket case after that. I hope you have better stamina than I do!

  23. Day-um. I would get up and run at 5 if I could post splits like those. Good job and very impressive.

    Oh, and you know your blog has officially 'arrived' when the commenters start talking to each other LOL

  24. Welcome to the dark side! We who regularly get up at stupid o'clock knew you would join us soon, we have been waiting for you.....(manical laugh)


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