Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Guess Who's Running a 5K

I said in a previous post that I had never run a 5K and that I wasn't planning on running one prior to the Denver Half Marathon, but that has all changed. I will be running the Chamber Challenge 5K on Wednesday, September 5th just one week from tomorrow. Let me tell you how I came about this decision to shirk my original plans and run a 5K. My office phone rang, I picked it up and my wife said "hey, I signed you up for a 5K because I wanted someone to run with." Ta Da. Easiest decision I've ever made.

I have no idea what my pace should be or how hard I'll try to run this thing but the good news is that it will be a PR because I've never run a 5K before. Your first attempt at a race distance is always a PR right? Plugging my Bolder Boulder time of 56:00 into the McMillan Running Calculator that I have linked on the right, I come up with a suggested pace of 8:41 and a time of 26:57. Since the Bolder Boulder my shortest training runs have been 5 or 6 miles so I'm really not sure what to expect for a 5K. I'm not going to specifically train for the 5K (obviously since it's a mere 8 days away), but I will continue my half marathon training and just throw this in as an extra run. On another positive note I will be posting a race report on Thursday morning or whenever I get around to it and you can all critique my performance.
Join us after the race for some delicious food provided by Outback Steakhouse, Ted’s Montana Grill and El Jardin Mexican Restaurant. Beverages provided by BJ's Restaurant, Inc. Live music by Trainwreck and festivities will feature a Meet the Candidates Reception.
Now I like Outback and Ted's Montana Grill as much as the next guy, but I just don't know if it will be worth sitting through a "Meet the Candidates Reception" just to get some good food. I'll let you know what I decide about this in the post race report. Or more correctly, I'll pass judgment on what my wife decided we'd do in the post race report. She makes the decisions, I mock them behind her back - it's one of the keys to a happy marriage you know.


  1. are you going to pace with your wife? Or are you running on your own? I'd take my 5 mile training time and cut it in half. I bet you'll be close to that.

    Let us know what your wife thinks.

  2. Good luck!

    Enjoy your first 5k, and don't let the pressure of thousands of us waiting here to see how you did, make you go out too fast and have to walk the last 2k.

  3. he won't be keeping pace with me because he could act like a little kid riding his bike down to the corner and back just because he can't wait for his mom :) I btw- am hoping for a pr of 30 min/5k more likely 33min. I'll live Vicariously thru Ian.

  4. you wife ROCKS! have fun. it has been years since i did a 5k.

  5. That sounds like fun for you guys! You may mock her decisions, but just remember - without her making them, you'd be up a creek without a paddle ;)

  6. I'm sure you'll do just fine with the 5k if you'r ein the middle of half training, but the hard decision here is: will you run with your wife or not? And what does that mean as far as pacing?

  7. I never thought of it like this - running my first 10 mile race on Monday. I'm totally going to PR. YAY!

  8. 5Ks are fun! By the time you get warmed up, it is over!

    BUT what a way to warm up!


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