Monday, August 6, 2007

Addicted to Blogging

You know that you're addicted to blogging when all you can think about on your runs is how you could have improved previous blog entries, or what you could write in future posts.

I had a 6 mile tempo run on Sunday, which actually translates to 8 miles by the time I do a warm up and cool down. I've been struggling with my Tempo Runs lately and yesterday was no exception, I ran the first 4 tempo miles at a 9 minute mile pace (the goal pace) but then dropped to a 9:30 minute mile for the 5th and a 10 minute mile for the 6th. During the run I found myself thinking "you know, this is definitely a This Is Why More People Don't Run Run," it was at this moment that I realized what an awful name that is for a run. I spent the next 2 miles mulling it over and trying to come up with a funnier, more creative and more concise name for that type of run. This is the kind of nonsensical stuff that I think of when I run. Anyway, I couldn't come up with anything so I'll continue to refer to it as a This Is Why More People Don't Run Run, or maybe I'll abbreviate it to TIWMPDRR. In my office we're all about acronyms.

My thoughts were then interrupted by some kids up ahead with a lemonade stand. I immediately thought about my Video Friday post, and in particular the third video in which a woman runs by a restaurant and grabs a water from a customer on the patio and splashes it on her face. I kid you not when I tell you that it was all that I could do to not grab a lemonade as I ran by, drink it and then toss the cup off to the side of the path. I would have stopped and bought lemonade, but I don't carry cash with me when I run. Do you hear that all you would be muggers? No cash.

I have a speedwork session scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday) but I also have to watch the boys while my wife is at a meeting which means that they'll be babysitting themselves again while I run on the blasted treadmill. Hopefully they behave as well as they did last time.


  1. 2 reasons why I won't mug you. One, you have no money and I already have a garmin. Two, I couldn't catch you.

    I guess that's three reasons.

  2. If you find a cure for this blogging addiction thing, please let me know!

    Even when I go out for exercise (I do sissy powerwalking 'cause my knees are shot) I'm thinking about the blog most of the time. Fresh air--I need to get it into my brain, not just my lungs. Blog blog blog blog!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who's a nutball about this.

    (And thanks for the mention over the weekend!)

  3. That would have been funny if you treated the lemonade stand like a water station. The kids would have thought you were crazy

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  4. LOL @ katowens! Dude after reading some of the comments about aid stations some peeps left me, you should have bought a drink, peed on yourself and then poured it all over you so it would've looked like sweat. This way you wouldn't have to find bushes :P

  5. I am always blogging in my head as I run. It's not such a bad thing and it passes the miles.


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