Monday, August 13, 2007

100 Posts

This is the 100th post on Half-Fast since I started the site back on April Fools Day (tell me that isn't an appropriate launch date). Back on Friday I proclaimed that the 100th post here at Half-Fast was going to be big, and ever since then I've been racking my brains trying to figure out what to do for this post. Then it came to me while I was watching an old episode of Friends. It was a clip show. I hate clip shows. A clip show is one of those episodes where one member of the cast says to another "those were good times weren't they?" Then both actors act like they're thinking about the 'good times' and for the next half hour they proceed to show you clips of previous episodes to illustrate the 'good times.' I hate this because I've already seen all those episodes and I wanted some new original funny, not highlights of past funny. Nevertheless, my 100th post will be a clip show, I'm not giving you any new funny, just highlights of previous funny. I assume that most of you here reading this post have not been here since the beginning so maybe you'll get to read something new anyway.

The funniest post: That Wasn't Me You Saw Running – This is probably my all time favorite post. Honorable mention in the category of funniest post: 9 Types Of Runs, Running Dad and To the police officer who almost ran me over in the crosswalk.

Most creative post: Excuses. This is a poem that I wrote based on my take of Shel Silverstein's classic children's poem Sick.

My wife's favorite post: Running Mad. (Wow, look how much shorter my posts used to be.)

Posts with funny video's that are worth your time: Idiot vs Treadmill, Treadmills are for Hamsters, and of course this past Friday's video was pretty good too.

Posts containing useful information and facts:

Posts containing pictures of Vanilla: Bolder Boulder Race Report, Things Only I Find Interesting.

Most embarrassing thing I've done since I started Half-Fast: Entering the Hottest Male Blogger Contest. Yes it's just as geeky as it sounds. Think of it like a Mr. Universe contest only without all the oiled up muscles and with 90% more pocket protectors and horn-rimmed glasses. In case you're wondering why you've never heard about me entering the Hottest Male Blogger Contest it's because I was too embarrassed to admit to it at the time and I lost in the first round. Ouch!

Looking back over all these posts makes it seem like it's been such a long time, but I still remember my first comment from a non-family member. I remember I used to get excited when I got 3 comments on one post. Now I want more, I'm never satisfied. I want 20 plus comments on every post, and when I get there, I'll want 30 plus comments on every post. I want to rule the blogs. "One Blog to rule them all, One Blog to find them, One Blog to bring them all and in the darkness bind them." That's my new goal. Screw running and getting faster, I want to be Lord of the Blogs.

While I'm on the subject of comments let me assure you that I do read ALL of your comments. I actually have blogger set up to e-mail me every comment that is posted, so even if you go back and comment on a post from 3 months ago, I still read it. I love all your comments. I crave comments, even if it is just a simple "hello". I especially love funny comments. Ali, Amy, Pat, jkrunning, Marcy, and many others, you guys make me laugh all the time. So, keep the funny comments coming, even the one's that make fun of me. Make fun of my running, make fun of my writing, I don't care. I poke fun at a lot of things on this site without intending to be taken seriously and I don't ever take offense to any comments you leave. I love them all, whether it's a full blown analysis of my post, a long story you just have to share or a quick "lol." So, now that I've just declared open season on myself... have at it. What are your favorite posts? What are your least favorite posts?


  1. weekend splits wasn't the 100th post...der.

    My all time favorite post is 'Running Dad'. It's great writing and it's totally hillarious.

    But the funniest I've ever seen you was on a runner's world post where someone was looking for a slogan to put on a pregnant runner's shirt. Do you remember that? You posted like 5, and they all made me spit stuff.

    As far as comments go...I'm with ya. I had two posts that got 19 comments and I feel awesome. I'm glad we're hear to keep each other's self esteem healthy!

  2. Amy, I do remember that thread on Runner's World, but the only suggestion that I can remember giving is Pregnant Runner, watch for mood swings and elbows.

    Also, responding to people in the comments (like this) is a good way to artificially increase your comment count. :)

  3. My personal fav is also "That Wasn't Me You Saw Running" I love em all though (since I've started reading)

    Since we're getting up close and personal :P I have a question . . . .why "Vanilla"? You could've easily picked Chocolate or Strawberry.

    If Hottest Male Blogger was going on now, you'd totally have that baby in the bag! Next year Homie!!

  4. I love your "lord of the blogs" statement, that is so funny! It is so addicting to watch the comments roll in..isn't it? The thing I find interesting after about a year of blogging (I have moved my blog twice now though so lost many of my original posts) is that stuff I find ordinary turns out to be funny and when I think I am being funny I bomb. Just a few of my deep thoughts. :>P

  5. I'm with you on comments. I crave them! :) But, alas, you are Lord of the Blogs. I'll be back :)

    I really liked the one about the cop, but I absolutely died at the picture just below this, "I beat anorexia"

  6. Now I know why you don't like clip shows. It's like when my wife yells dinner and my two kids and I race down the hallway to the dinner table to see her pulling out last nights dinner from the microwave.

    Well, at least your leftovers are pretty good. Can't wait to see what you have planned for the next 100. My favorite - That Wasn't Me You Saw Running

  7. I just started reading your blog -- via Marcy -- but I thoroughly enjoyed your commentary last week on the "giddy-up" and the "baconator." It made me laugh out loud, which doesn't happen all that frequently when reading blogs.

    Congrats on your 100th post!

  8. Congrats on the big 100!

    "That Wasn't Me you saw Running" Is so true.....

  9. I love "That Wasn't Me You Saw Running"!

  10. me again ...

    My favourite line is my ‘sexy’ is at dangerously high levels ... which is only fitting for one of the Hottest Male Bloggers. :)

  11. guess who? ...

    Why don't we create our own Hot Running Blogger contest, we'd fix the results (not that we'd have to) and you'd be Hot Lord Blogger 2007

  12. My fave is without a doubt Running Dad. That post cracked me up big time! ROFLMA at the Hot Running Blogger contest! You'll get 'em next year ;)

  13. Thank you Ali for taking the hint. 3 responses in one comments section, you really are trying to get me up to 30 plus comments! You might be my new favorite commenter.

  14. THIS is what we've been waiting for all week?? THIS is what I got up early just to read?? A "clip show" blog? I'm disappointed. Not even a funny picture for my enjoyment.

    Just thought you needed a little tough lovin from your sis, these people like you just a bit too much, don't want it to go to your head.

  15. I've been mentioned!! I've arrived. And now I am forever your loyal blogger comment servant girl.

  16. 15 comments, you're Half-Way there.

  17. yes you are hot and hilarious and back off girls- he's mine :)

  18. You've done more with 100 posts than most runner bloggers have in a life time. Thanks for all the laughs and keeping us from taking life too seriously. Among my favorites is 9 Types of Runs...and of course The Baconater Stay hilarious and enjoy the comments...

  19. Eighteen. :)

    Girls, girls... there's plenty of hottest male blogger contest dropouts (and those like me who didn't even dare compete) to go around.

  20. Wait... that was nineteen, so this is 20! :)

  21. LOL... and this makes the 21st comment.

    Congrats on cien. ;) I love thi blog, and it appers a lot of people do as well!

    I really enjoy weekend splits as well. This past one with the pic of the "I beat anorexi" guy was great. Seriously.



  22. Oh Vanilla, how can I choose a
    favorite from some many good ones?

    Running Dad, idiot vs treadmill, the treadmill bike, the Marriott hotel--so many to choose from.

    I'd have to go with everyone else and say "That wasn't me you saw running" and the one about the cop almost running you over in the crosswalk. Oh and "Reason to Run" rings so true for me. It seems my husband ALWAYS sees to conveniently be somewhere else when I'm dealing with vomit/diarrhea/anything gross.

    I've been reading for a while, but this is my first comment to you. LOVE your blog! (I had to contribute to the 100th post)

    Look at all your comments!!! Impressive!

    (just trying to keep that ego inflated--how am I doing?)

  23. Oops, a typo--that's what I get by trying to type and change the channel on the TV for my 3 year old, while getting my 1 year old cereal and answering the phone.

    I meant to say "How can I choose a favorite from SO many good ones?"

    Anyway--I just added one more comment to your count with that typo and my correction.

    You're welcome.

  24. ROFLMAO OMG the one your wife has is classic! They look pretty nice! Thanks for the suggestion. I dig it! ;D ;D

  25. And one more to make it 26 :P

    Do they take a long time to get after you order?

  26. Oops I can't count. Now it's 26. Dang you're on fiyah with the comments.

  27. One of my favorites is the recent "Finding Half-Fast." I myself recently found half-fast through the RW forums. It is only a coincidence that I also happen to be a pervert.
    Happy 100th

  28. I found your site through Amy (The Lawsons do Dallas!), and I must say that I have become quite addicted to reading your amusing blogs. I especially love "Running Dad" and look forward to the "Weekend Splits". Congrats on the 100th post! I still have some catching up to do on my reading!


  29. 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Wooo Hoooo! 30 comments, and this makes 31! You guys are awesome! Now I want 40. I told you, I'm never satisfied.

    Maybe I should do a post in celebration of 30 comments? ;)

  31. 100 Cheers to Half-Fast! Funny, Witty, Smart, and Inspiring. Many more to come I pray!


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