Monday, July 2, 2007

Runners: A Menace to Society

Ponch and Jon were too busy fighting serious crimes to ticket a jogger.

Christine Valdivieso was surprised last month when a motorcycle cop pulled her over. She was surprised because she was out for a Sunday morning run and despite the fact that she was well within compliance of the posted speed limit, she was running in the bike lane and that is a crime. Valdivieso tried to talk the officer into letting her off with a warning, but he wasn't fooled by the silver-tongued devil and wrote up the ticket anyway. You just can't believe what these criminals will tell you to get out of a ticket.

The truly sad thing about this whole ordeal is that Christine Valdivieso, was allowed to go free after receiving the ticket, while thieves who are probably just trying to feed their families are locked up. No jail time at all for this woman! This thug is out there somewhere roaming the streets and free to terrorize cyclists at will by running in their bike paths! I'll tell you one thing; it scares me the kind of world that my kids will grow up in. Fortunately we have true American heroes like the officer in the story to serve and protect us.

I don't know how cops manage to keep their cool and composure in the face of such devastating crimes against humanity. For crying out loud, what kind of deranged criminal, hopped up on who-knows-what runs in the bike lane? If I was a cop, and I saw a perp running in the bike lane, I'd have immediately radioed for backup and then begun beating the villain into submission. You can't be too careful these days.

For the record I don't personally condone running in the bike lane or any other criminal behavior. Link to my informer.


  1. No way! I could completely understand being stopped for speeding. Afterall, I, of course, have been warned on several ocassions. But THAT'S ridiculous!

  2. I don't feel safe, knowing she is free to 'run' in public.

    We should start a save the bike lane foundation. Maybe organize a fundraising event ... like a 5k ... we would need somewhere to run it .. hmmm ... how about a bike lane ... duh ... nope.

    too funny

  3. I cycle in the bike lanes in Chicago, and know just how menacing a runner in your path can be.

    That is why I have started carrying my Taser gun in my pocket----one zap and the runner gets dropped like a sack of potatoes, and is left motionless for at least 15-20 seconds. This is is plenty of time for me to cycle past and be out of danger before the runner shakes off the 15,000 volts that I just pulsed them with.

    Most of the time they have their iPods on and do not even see the Taser coming. The element of surprise is not only useful on the battle field but also on the daily commute.


  4. I am so glad our tax dollars are paying for this....

    ofcourse this coming from a family that was sprayed with mace by a park ranger, I kid you not my 2 year old (at the time) 4 year old and me were all sprayed with mace - it is a long story and it is under investigation now so that is all I will say... Those park rangers are worse than cops, I think they have cop envy.

    If it wasn't my kids that got sprayed the whole situation was quite comical really...



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