Monday, July 2, 2007

Personal Running Log - June 2007

6/28/20076 Mile LoopEasy6 Mi57:289:35
6/26/2007Home TreadmillTempo4 Mi38:239:36
6/24/20078 Miles Out & BackLong8 Mi1:23:0010:23
6/21/20076 Mile LoopTempo6 Mi59:539:59
6/16/2007Misc RouteLong4.36 Mi42:489:49
6/13/2007Other TreadmillEasy3.6 Mi33:009:10
6/11/20074 Miles Out & BackEasy4 Mi40:1310:04
6/6/2007Misc RouteEasy6 Mi59:479:58
Distance: 42.0 miles
Total Time: 6:54:32

Personal Running Log for June, 2007. I'd rather be closer to 80 miles than 40, but I've been doing a lot of 'Mental Training' lately.


  1. sheesh.. slacker I've gone at least 100 miles this week.. sure, I may have been in my car for some of that, but still

  2. Cool list. How do you get it to work in Blogger?


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