Monday, July 9, 2007

My New Training Schedule

I haven't had a training plan since I finished the Bolder Boulder 10K back in May, I thought about it once but apparently it's not the thought that counts, at least not according to this second chin that I seem to have acquired. I decided to go with the half marathon training plan put together by the Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training (FIRST). Something tells me that they didn't just name themselves and then coincidentally notice that their acronym was FIRST. Their original name was probably Furman Athletic Training and Teaching Institute but then someone realized that they'd be known as FATTI.

The FIRST plan is a great plan for me because there are only 3 runs a week which means that there are 4 non-running days a week. Huzzah! This fits in nicely with my hectic schedule of watching TV 4 nights a week and generally being a couch potato, also I play indoor soccer one night a week and softball one night a week so I immediately liked the idea of quality miles over quantity of miles.

The FIRST plan is a 10 week program and since the Denver Half Marathon is in 14 weeks I'm going to start the program and then jump back to the beginning and start over in 4 weeks. Long Runs are at 9:52 minute per mile pace, Tempo Runs are at a 9:07 pace and Speedwork is to be done as follows: 400s in 2:01, 800s in 4:08, and 1600s in 8:37. According to FATTI's calculations this training schedule will get me across the finish line in 2:02:42 so perhaps with a little race day adrenaline I can get down to a sub 2 hour half marathon. You can read more about the FIRST plan here.


  1. I DREAM of the day I can pull out a 2:00 half. *drools* Maybe all of my cross training will help with that? Yeah. I think I really need to learn some real speed drills.

    BTW - I really think that if the first name was FATTI - they should have kept it. That is pure irony. And I love irony.

    *snickers* FATTI. hahaha!

    I hope that the plan works out well for you! Cannot wait to hear how it goes.

    Have a good one!

    RG in Mexico! Ole!

  2. I definitely see a sub 2 hour half!

  3. Oh hey, what a coincidence - that's the plan I'm thinking of doing too! I just posted about it before reading your blog. The Runner's World site is so cool.

    Nice that we'll be doing the same schedule. Except I'll be aiming for 2:11:00. But yeah.

  4. Yeah! It's a FATTI plan for a sub-2, I like it!

  5. I was just talking with a friend who is trying her first 1/2 marathon and looking for some training plan options. Thanks for mentioning.


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