Thursday, July 12, 2007

My 1st FIRST Workout

Intervals. Right off the bat. How is it that little miss runner pants' initial workout on her half marathon training plan was an easy recovery run, and mine is speedwork? I'm beginning to think I picked the wrong plan and I've only been doing it for a day.

To be honest it was actually pretty easy. I warmed up with a couple easy miles and then did 4 x 400 meter intervals in 2:00 minutes each with 2 minute recovery jogs in between and finished with a cool down mile. I felt good. I actually felt like I could have done the intervals a little faster and maybe I will next time if I'm still feeling this good. Oooh, look at me, my workout was too easy. Yes, I realize that I'm sounding like the chipper guy in your office who shows up early with the go-go attitude and wishes all the tired, hungover employees a "HAPPY MONDAY" as they try to down their first cup of coffee. Don't hate me because I'm fast... Because I'm not.

It occurs to me that I didn't actually post my training schedule in my post discussing it, further proving my brilliance, but here it is now:

Monday - Speedwork/Interval Training
Tuesday - Indoor Soccer (I'm counting this as cross training)
Wednesday - Tempo Run
Thursday - Cross Training/Weights
Friday - Off Day (Party Time! P - A - R - T - whY? Because I gotta!)
Saturday - Long Run
Sunday - Off or Cross Training/Weights

For the next three weeks I have a prior commitment on Mondays so speedwork will be moved to Wednesday, tempo runs will be Thursday, and cross training will just have to suffer. Prior commitment, I love to throw that term around. Doesn't it sound like I have something so important that I'm doing, negotiating the cessation of hostilities in the Middle East. I assure you it's nothing that grandiose.

Be sure to check back here tomorrow as I plan on weighing in on the hotly debated, highly controversial runner vs. jogger debate.


  1. This comment has nothing to do with your blog. Just thought you should know that your favorite designer is in the hospital. YSL... let's hope he makes it. Does he design running shirts?

  2. well done on your first week of training.

    too easy ... whatever ... you are the guy that brings the bosses favourite donuts to the meeting.

    now this previous commitment ... can we guess? are you having pec implants?

  3. Okay you've got me hooked....I will be checking back to see if you are a runner or a jogger. But just so we're clear, in my opinion no one who actually keeps a blog about running is a jogger.
    ...not that there's anything wrong with being a jogger or anything...


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