Monday, July 16, 2007

Missing Blogger Alert!

On the left side of the Complete Running Network homepage there is a link to a random running blog and I have often suspected that someone actually goes through and picks the 'random' blog to link to. I was recently proved wrong when they linked to a blog ironically named Race to the Finish.

The URL is and the author goes only by the name 'Will I Make It?' the answer to both questions would appear to be - NO.

The blog consists of one post that was left back in November of '06 claiming that the author was going to run a marathon and wondering if she could do it. In the single, lonely entry the author asks for YOUR stories, YOUR workouts and YOUR inspirational moments which means that YOU, the running blog readers have failed this poor woman. If in fact she did not achieve her goal then it is YOUR fault dear reader. YOU should be ashamed of yourself!

I wonder whatever happened to this poor young runner? It's like a crossword puzzle that I can't quite figure out, only this time I can't flip to the back and nonchalantly read the upside down answers. I MUST know what happened! If you have any knowledge as to the whereabouts of 'Will I Make it' please post it in the comments. Did she run the marathon? Did she die trying? Did she get up the next day and decide to abandon the blog and the marathon training? Did she enter the witness protection program? Is there something out there that is abducting unsuspecting bloggers? Should I be worried? Will you come back to Half-Fast someday only to find it... abandoned? *shudder*

I would hereby like to officially support Race to the Finish and encourage all my readers to go and leave an encouraging comment on the blog, or even spam the comments with an advertisement as that appears to be OK too.


  1. Hmmmm maybe we should send her a link to a sympathy e-card. Something along the lines of "I'm sorry your marathon and book dream died"

  2. I can't believe the guilt and personal responsibilty I feel.

    I wonder what happened? Did she do one training run and a post and that was it?

  3. Maybe she was so caught up in the running that she forgot to blog...I feel like we should embrace optimism here

  4. I'm sorry, I feel so responsible.

  5. I wonder what happened to post and that is it? The suspense of not knowing what happened to our intrepid blogger is too much!

  6. Her other blog is MIA also. I hope she didn't die. So much for optimism.

  7. I'm the one responsible for adding links to the R.B.F. and often wonder how many non blogging blogs there are in the links. Sad really!


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