Thursday, July 26, 2007

France: Running is Undignified

The Washington Post recently published an article titled In France, Jogging is a Running Joke, which is ironic because in America, France is a running joke. The article, which you need to read to believe, states that the French people are outraged by new French president Nicolas Sarkozy running. "Sarkozy's running is an un-French, right-wing conspiracy" suggests Libération, a left wing Parisian newspaper. Charles Bremmer, a Paris correspondent for the Times of London has stated that "Sarkozy has fueled a French suspicion that running is for self-centered individualists like Americans."

French President Nicolas Sarkozy

[Begin French Accent]Mais Oui! But of course! ’Ow do you expect to smoke ze cigarette while you are running? And what of your consumption of le vin et le fromage. You would surely spill your wine! Oh Mon Dieu! [End Accent]

Alain Finkielkraut, a leading French intellectual [oxymoron alert], recently
demanded that Sarkozy give up his "undignified" exercise. Not only did he imply
that exposing the boss's naked knees [sacré bleu! naked knees?] is something
that never would have occurred in the time of Mitterrand, much less Louis XIV,
Finkielkraut [moron alert] claimed strolling is the proper activity of the
thinking person.

Oh sure. They are completely against running until Nazi Germany comes knocking and then you've never seen an army turn tail and run so fast. And since this Finkielkraut knucklehead brought up Louis XIV, do you know what else would have never occurred in the time of Louis XIV? (French Monarch from 1643 – 1715.) Democracy, women's rights, running water, surviving a bout with the common cold, and decent living conditions.

Perhaps the French should focus their outrage on something more needy of their attention, like the apparent lack of women's razors or their penchant for poor hygiene, or even putting an end to doping on the Tour De France. Apparently cycling is still considered a dignified activity even if your blood is teeming with more narcotics than Lindsay Lohan's. Viva La France!


  1. But how do you really feel about France?

  2. Yeah, but they make a great fry. Not sure if I've commented on your blog yet, but I think it's a hoot.

    keep up the good work, I got to start writing funny stuff in my blog.


  3. Yeah, saw the Sarkozy headline a while ago. I'm running the Paris-Versailles 2007, so I'll let you know if there are any naked knee protesters out to throw rotten tomatoes at me!!

    As for the French they have, for the most part, been nice to me whenever I visit, so I will come up in their defense (even though this totally made me laugh!) and say the teams and riders being pulled from the tour right now are not French and the UCI is not based in France. But, it is so disappointing all the same.

  4. Oops, I take some of that back, but not the spirit of the comment. (Forgot about the Cofidis team being French.)

  5. Even someone as uncultured and inept at current events laughed at your post. I look forward to a good laugh from you each day (except of course when it is about your running). :}

  6. AMEN BROTHER!!! Preach on!! ;D


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