Saturday, June 30, 2007

Weekend Splits

Weekend Splits is my recap of things that I found interesting or humorous over the past week. If you have a submission for the weekend splits e-mail me.

Last weekend was the annual running of the Beer Belly Two in Suamico, Wisconsin. The Beer Belly Two is a two mile race that is littered with refreshment stands serving, you guessed it, BEER! Many competitors bring their own steins to fill up along the way. Frankly I wouldn't expect anything less from our cheese eating friends up north.

You might have thought that running was an environmentally friendly way to travel, and while it is a low emission activity (depending on what you had for dinner the night before) there are probably things you can do to be more green. Check out Complete Running for more on how to 'Run Green'.

Bored at work? Wishing you could be running instead of sitting on that conference call? Just Your Average Joggler has a suggestion on how to train for a marathon during a dull meeting or class.

If you like your treadmill, which I don’t, Aquarium shares how to do your fartlek workout on it. *snicker* "Fartlek!"

I noticed a couple of sites that I enjoy visiting mentioned Half-Fast this past week. Many thanks go out to Running to Detroit and also to the always fantastic Just One More Mile.

Site News
You may have noticed that Half-Fast is fatter! Not me, the site. Now when I ramble on and on as I did in these posts it won't look quite so long. I've always felt that the text portion of this site was too skinny, but that has now been remedied. If the page doesn't fit on your screen then it's probably time to upgrade to a bigger monitor with a better resolution, or just scroll so you can read the main content here and ignore all the links and stuff over there --->
Have a great weekend everyone, and happy racing to those of you who are out there doing!

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  1. LOL that beer belly 2 miler rocks!! That is so funny. I would like to do that race just for the experience of that one!

    Thanks for the laugh :)


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