Saturday, June 23, 2007

Weekend Splits

Ali Landry ran a marathon. Yeee-Hawww!

If you’re not familiar with Weekend Splits then you’re really not paying attention. I explained it in a separate post just minutes ago mostly because I didn’t want to have to give an explanation for it every weekend when I post it.

The Running Blogfather recently gave us 25 Celebrities Who've Run A Marathon. The list includes Will Ferrell, William Baldwin and of course the lovely Ali Landry (pictured), although I doubt her marathon training consisted of Doritos. Speaking of eating Doritos all day long, Rosie O’Donnell is absent from the list. Must be an oversight? No?

Dean Karnazes ran for 24 hours on a treadmill above Times Square which is insane on so many different levels but he was doing it for Athletes for a Cure and to help Accelerade launch a new sports drink. Also see With Leather’s take on it. (More about With Leather momentarily).

Russ at Balancing BBQ and BQ (which is a great name for a blog by the way) gives us the 20 Running Commandments. There are 20? Awww man.

Friday was a big day for Half-Fast as I was mentioned on two other blogs. Many thanks to Matt Ufford, Editor of With Leather for mentioning Half-Fast in a post on Friday. Usually this site sees about 20 visitors a day but set a record on Friday with 542! SiteMeter tells me that roughly 95% of that increase was visitors referred from With Leather.
Thanks also to The science of Sports who gave Half-Fast a great review, even if they did fail to capitalize the 'F' in Fast. Jerks. I'm kidding of course but you'll notice that I did 'lowercase' their 's' - vengeance is mine! Mwaa haa haa haa! Enjoy the weekend everyone.


  1. There's a "d" in "Commandments". Sheesh... hire an editor.

  2. Corrected, Thanks. I don't know how my spell-checker missed that one.

  3. lol that is a great pic to start off your weekend splits ;) Oh and Dean is freakin awesome!!! Gonna add you to my running blogs on my site and nice to meet you!


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