Friday, June 1, 2007

Things Only I Find Interesting

The Bolder Boulder race pictures have been posted. (If you ran the race and are looking for your photos you can find them here at, you’ll just have to search by bib number or name). Here’s a few of mine for your viewing displeasure, I’m the guy in the blue shirt. I am happy with them because last year when I looked at my Bolder Boulder race photos I thought that I looked tired and slow. My wife didn’t think that it was possible to look slow in a still photograph, but I assure you it is.

Some interesting stats about my time
- I ran in the 'ME' wave with my wife so that we could start together and out of 691 runners participants in our wave I finished 26th. Not too shabby!
- Based on last year’s time I qualified to run in the 'EC' wave and had I run in that wave I would have finished 124th out of 417 runners, assuming the same time.
- Of the 431 men my age (31) who finished I was 193rd.
- 49 men over the age of 65 beat me including an 80 year old who finished in 51:59. OK, you can get up off the floor and stop laughing now. Actually you can’t. Wait until you read the next one…
- 4 women over the age of 65 beat me (two of them were 70). Ouch! My ego is officially bruised.

A couple more pictures of me trying to get around people at the finish.


  1. congrats on a good race. You are a bit faster then me (I think). Of course I live almost below sea level..LOL. But my advantage is I train in 80 degree heat...just kidding...great job

  2. I have given up feel crap about the people who beat me who "technically" shouldn't such as:
    -old people
    -anyone pushing a stroller
    -6 girls running in matching t-shirts all talking loudly about dessert recipes
    and really "big boned" people
    but they are so damn fast.

  3. Good work. You look like a flamingo in the fist picture. Did you hop your way to the finish line?

  4. I was toasted by a 7 month pregnant woman in a Saturday race. Then I saw her racing Sunday at an event I was watching! Oh and the oldsters? There are some really (and I mean really!) fast ones out there!


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