Monday, June 4, 2007

Setting a Goal: Part 2 - At World's End

In the past the Bolder Boulder has been the only race that I’ve participated in, it’s been kind of like my annual self-check of how well I’m running, and since it coincides with my car’s annual oil change it has also served as a good reminder that it’s once again time for my mechanic to scold me for waiting so long. However I find that I’m beginning to take this running thing more seriously, last year my longest training run prior to the 10K Bolder Boulder was 6.2 miles (exactly 10K). This year my longest training run was 10 miles and I even did some speedwork and tempo runs. All this tells me that I need a bigger challenge, which is why I’m going to sign up for the Denver Half Marathon. Apparently they don’t have a logo for the half marathon so I had to make my own, pretty stylish huh? I’ve got mad Photoshop MS Paint skillz!

The half marathon is a great race to run because when you tell someone that you ran it you can kind of cough through the “half” part or say it quietly enough that people will think that you’ve just run a marathon. Then when you tell them that you did it in 2 hours and 45 minutes it will be impressive instead of pitiable. (With apologies to anyone who just ran a half in 2:45:00, you’ve already done more than I have.)

You might be remembering that I made fun of the Denver Marathon in this entry, and their marketing strategy of targeting runners after the Bolder Boulder, or you might be wondering why anyone would actually continue to read this blog after having read one of the posts. Either way it turns out that their marketing strategy wasn’t so bad after all.


  1. Congrats on the 10k and signing up for the half. See 10k's and 5k's are the gateway drug of running. We get you hooked mildly, and once we see you keep coming back we intoduce you to some harder runs. Before you know it you will be doing 100mile trail runs. (muwaha ha ha ha ha)

  2. Are you out of your mind? Perhaps just a glutton for punishment?

    Mad props on the many hours of "work time" did that one take you? I can just picture you rewriting the "Half" a million times before you were satisfied that it almost blended in.

    (yes I did use the phrase "mad props" cuz that's how I roll)


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