Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I’m So Confused

A little over a week ago I posted a video of the Treadmill Bike and brashly proclaimed that it was of course a joke. I based that statement on my own vast intellectual prowess. I mean seriously, what is the point of a treadmill that you can ride around? In the comments section of that post one of my awesome readers said "wait a minute... it's a joke" and I thought that said commenter was just being funny. But it caused me some consternation. What if they weren't being funny? What if it wasn't a joke?

Then I stumbled upon this website which would appear to be a legitimate website where you can purchase the treadmill bike for $2500 Canadian eh. They even have reviews from people who have bought one which leads me to believe that this actually might not be a joke, and that would make me... wrong. (So this is how that feels. How does my wife put up with it?). Or is this website all part of the joke? Is it some kind of giant hoax designed to fool poor innocent bloggers like myself? I am truly baffled. On the one hand common sense dictates that it must be a joke, but on the other hand the website looks genuine. I feel like Vizzini trying to choose which wine to drink in The Princess Bride.

I'll conclude by stating that I believe that the treadmill bike is not just a joke… or it is. I don't know. The one thing that we do know for certain is that the treadmill bike is Canadian. Probably. We'll need to find out how well it plays hockey to be certain. Fortunately I am not a journalist and don't have to check my facts or find corroborating sources because I've already spent more time thinking about the treadmill bike than I care to.


  1. Holy Crap that was some fast commenting. I barely had time to proof-read the post and check the links before I had a comment.

  2. I'm sorry... what was that? You proof-read? THAT must be the joke right there.


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