Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Idiot vs Treadmill

Treadmills are not toys. Treadmills are not intended to be fun and I've made it clear before that I find them to be a necessary evil for the serious runner. So when I see a young teenager who's clearly not dressed to work-out step onto a treadmill with a big cheesy grin on his face I know it's time to grab the video camera. When I hear the words "turn it up as fast as it will go" I know that I'm about to witness morons at the pinnacle of their game. Fortunately for you dear reader, some of these future lawyers and doctors of America have really raised the bar on stupidity by posting the evidence of their brilliance on YouTube. Man, I love YouTube! Those videos inevitably end up making an appearance on some halfwit's blog. I am that halfwit.

You'll notice in all of the videos that the camera person just keeps filming and doesn't help the fallen runner at all, except for the last one where the camera person is the fallen runner. I actually think that's a nice twist, because it lets me see from the first person perspective what it would look like to be an idiot myself.

By my count the finally tally here is Idiots 0, Treadmills 4

In conclusion should you ever be fortunate enough to witness some of these future Darwin Award prospects please grab your camera so we can all enjoy some laughs at their expense.


  1. All the sudden, I feel so normal.

    (Thanks for visiting my blog.) :)

  2. And wearing thongs on his feet....el stupido!

  3. ow.

    it's like watching all those america's funniest home videos of dads getting hit in the nuts.

  4. Um.... wow. And I wonder why I hate the dreadmill so much. But then Iagain - I hope that I would not be classified as moron!

    Thank you for visiting my blog Vanilla! I really like yours!!

    ~})i({ Jenniferlyn~


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