Friday, May 25, 2007

Treadmill Bike?

This video is obviously a joke, but that's my kind of treadmill. It looks like so much more fun than a tradtional treadmill.

Video found and posted on the Runners World Forums by 'backinthesaddleagain' whose blog you can read here, and I recommend that you do.


  1. Ok, I'm glad you find this as funny as I do. It just leaves a giant question mark in my head, ya know? Apparently you can buy one of these bikes for like $2000.

    Oh, and I meant to tell you...your pregnant runner slogans on the forum had me laughing out loud! Yours were the best!

  2. wait a's a joke.

  3. I want one!! That is gold- though perhaps not the thing for me, I struggle to stay upright on a normal treadmill.


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