Monday, May 14, 2007

I Picked up my Bib, Unwanted Solicitation

Today I went down to First National Bank (official sponsor) and picked up my Bolder Boulder 10K race packet in a brown paper bag. Really? A brown paper bag? I guess Louis Vuitton and Versace weren’t interested in being sponsors and providing nicer bags, but judging by the logos plastered all over everything in the bag, they’re the only ones. The inside of the bag looks like a NASCAR. More on the contents of the bag shortly but before I get to that, it was a good thing that I went to First National to get my bag because today, and only today, I was pre-approved for a new low APR credit card* plus I had no idea that I needed to refinance my mortgage. And to think that I almost made it until lunch without someone offering me a better rate!

On to the contents of my bag:
1 Cotton T-Shirt – Excellent! I judge my competence as a runner by the number of race T-shirts I acquire.
1 Bib – ME646 is my number – “I am not a number I’m a free man!”
3 Safety Pins – Maybe the 4th corner of the bib is self-adhesive or something.
1 Timing Tag – A lot smaller than I had imagined. “Operation Kick Me” is going to be easier than I had initially thought.
Countless Coupons/Propaganda – $10 to a sporting goods store and 25% off running shoes, both with all kinds of restrictions. $15 off a massage, happy ending not included, more restrictions.
1 Bolder Boulder 2007 Registration Form – In case I picked up my race packet prior to registering?
1 Bolder Boulder Wall Calendar – Begins in April of ’07 and ends in March ’08. “You want to see the end of 2008 you’d better sign up for the Bolder Boulder again next year.”

*Other terms and conditions most certainly apply. New low APR only applies to purchases made on the 31st of each month and restrictions include blah blah blah...


  1. We want information, information, information.
    Who are you?
    The new number two.
    Who is number one?
    You are number six.
    I am not a number! I am a free man!

    I love it!

  2. Last time (and the only time) I "ran" (briskly walked) a race, the best part was all the free loot I picked up at the end. Good times.


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