Thursday, May 24, 2007

Predicting My Time

I’ve already stated my goal for the Bolder Boulder 10K coming up on Memorial Day so now it’s time for some predictions. Not only am I going to predict my final time, I’m also going to predict my splits, and with any luck the sum of the splits predictions will equal the final time prediction.

Mile 1 - 8:25 Total 8:25
Mile 2 - 8:45
Total 17:10
Mile 3 - 9:27
Total 26:37
Mile 4 - 9:17
Total 35:54
Mile 5 - 8:39
Total 44:33
Mile 6 - 8:52
Total 53:25
Final 0.2 - 1:43
Total 55:08

Final time 55:08. First thought as I check my watch: “you couldn’t have shaved 9 seconds off that?” In the end I’ll be happy with that result, but I’ll be kicking myself for not knocking off an additional 9 seconds to finish in under 55. Doesn't 54:59 sound so much better than 55:08?

On Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning I’ll have a detailed (read: long and boring) post race report including my actual splits and final time. Hopefully, I’ll also have pictures for those of you who are more visual and less intellectual. That’s right dear readers, I just insulted you. Mocking your small reader base is a great way to grow your blog, everyone knows we lash out at the ones we love.

I welcome all of your predictions in the comments. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day and if you’re not busy Monday morning, my wife and I could really use a ride to the race to save us from parking and shuttling in.


  1. Have a great run - looks like you have steadily improved your time over the last couple, come on, bolt that last .2 for a sub 55, leave nothing behind!

    I always work out my split times as well, I write them on my arm - in super indelible ink that takes industrial strength cleaner to remove afterwards :-)

    Though it is funny to this metric aussie looking at a 10ker with Mile spltis

  2. Good luck with your race. I am anxiously awaiting your race report. I lurve, lurve, lurve race reports :-)

  3. 55min is a very respectable 10k time. Good luck!


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