Sunday, May 20, 2007

Personal Running Log

Once again, the only posting that I plan on doing on the weekends is to update my personal running log which is abysmal this week.

Week of 5/13 through 5/19
Tue 5/15 - Tempo Run 8 miles total inc 6 miles @ 9 min/mile pace
Thu 5/17 - Easy Run 3 miles @ 10 min/mile pace
Total Miles: 11 miles

I rolled my ankle on Friday playing indoor soccer so I missed my final run this week which would have been my long run.

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  1. Misery loves company and while I am not giddy with happiness you rolled your ankle, I do feel a sense of solidarity :-) I was up and running in a couple of days - hope your recovery is just as quick or quicker!


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