Thursday, May 31, 2007

Official Times and Splits

Well the official times and splits were finally posted to the Bolder Boulder website. My official time was 56:00, when I checked my watch at the finish it said 56:01, but we’ll go with their time. Here are the splits:
Mile 1 8:34
Mile 2 9:07
Mile 3 9:15
Mile 4 9:07
Mile 5 8:55
Mile 6 9:20
Last 0.2 1:42 - Not posted. I used my deductive reasoning skills (read: calculator) to get this split.

After I finished, I saw a sign that read "Can't wait for your splits, text your bib number to 94827 and we'll send them to you." Editors Note, the number has been changed to protect the incompetent. So I text my bib number and get a text message back after a couple of minutes that reads "Thx [sic] 4 participating. U [sic] will receive ur [sic] splits when u [sic] finish the 2007 BolderBOULDER." What? I didn't really finish? I gave some serious thought to jumping the railing and crossing the finish mat again. By the way I’m still awaiting that text with my splits. Let’s hold our breath shall we.

Later we headed over to the post race expo where I found out that they were not able to print out our results just yet. Shocking, I know. All was not a loss though because I did buy the awesome ‘Sea Level is for Sissies’ T-shirt that you see in the picture. The folks from the Denver Marathon were handing out registration forms and encouraging people to sign up for the Denver Marathon on October 14th. Gee, let me think. I’m pretty beat right now after 6 miles do I like the idea that I’d still have another 20 miles left to run? Nope, sure don't. Whoever came up with this marketing strategy should be shot. Speaking of poor marketing decisions feast your eyes on this disaster from 1984.

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