Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happiness is a Waffle Sandwich

On my Sunday morning run I jogged past this quaint little hole-in-the-wall ice cream parlor called Lighthouse Ice Cream. “Neat” I thought (because when I talk to myself I like to use expressions that haven't been cool since the 50s), “I’ll have to check that out.” So later that night I went back to the Lighthouse Ice Cream parlor and made a mistake that is sure to cost me 10 – 15lbs and a good 4 minutes in my next 10K.

My mistake: I ordered the Hot Waffle Ice Cream sandwich, and it was everything that I hoped it could be. Now I’d never even heard of a Hot Waffle Ice Cream sandwich prior to this, but I thought to myself “shucks, that sounds like it might be good.” Good doesn’t even begin to describe it. Since Sunday I’ve already been back there to eat it again and I’m planning on going back at least 2 more times before we leave. In short I’m going to have to put in some serious miles during this vacation in order to stay in shape.

It was at least four times as good as it sounds like it should be, and surprisingly only 23% as messy as it sounds like it should be. They should try giving those things to crack addicts to get them off the smack because I read somewhere that drug rehab is only 38% effective, but Hot Waffle Ice Cream sandwiches are over 98% effective according to my research.

As I re-read this blog entry for editing purposes (yes, believe it or not I do re-read and edit before posting) I started to think “well golly gee wilikers, what does this have to do with running?” Nutrition related? That’s pushing it. I found it during a run? A little weak. Motivation to run more? Perhaps, but essentially it come down to this: It’s my blog and this is what I’m posting today!


  1. Most people do run because they like to eat. And I just might have to try and make some of those. Yummy!

  2. You might as well just paint it right on your thighs.

  3. oh...


    a new sandwich to love. gawblessya


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