Monday, May 21, 2007


I rolled my ankle playing indoor soccer on Friday night and when I say ‘rolled my ankle’ I mean ‘was kicked in the foot by a dirty, cheating, European player’. Had I myself been a ‘dirty, cheating, European style player’ I would have avoided the injury by diving at the first hint that there might be some contact and then complained to the ref. The player in the video below, (who is one of the most talented in the world by the way) has it perfected. Notice that he is grabbing his ankle and appealing to the ref before he even lands on the ground! Lesson learned.

I have since gone 3 straight days without running. Saturday morning I couldn’t even put weight on it, but I’m walking normally now. If I believed in karma then this would clearly be due to my mocking my coworker’s injury, but I don’t believe in karma so it’s not. This is all just great timing too because I’m running a 10K in a week, and according to this article on Cool Running your body can lose running fitness quickly.
After all the time and energy and miles you have invested to get it into shape, your body will thank you by forgetting it all at the earliest opportunity. It's a difficult truth: you lose fitness quickly when you stop all training.

A general rule of thumb is that it takes about two weeks of "retraining" to come back from every week in which you do no exercise.

This is good news indeed! It means that I’ll be back in top form
2 weeks after the race. Fantastic!


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  2. You might not believe in karma, but karma believes in you.

  3. I knew that video had to be about Ronaldo...


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