Thursday, April 12, 2007

Weather Update

I got home from work today and am happy to report that the weather has changed since my last post, the snow has stopped, the ground is dry, and therefore it is with great regret that I must type the following:

Dear Treadmill,
This is the hardest letter that I’ve ever had to write. It just seems like we’ve grown apart, you used to be so much fun. What happened to you? You changed. Don’t take that the wrong way… it’s not you it’s me. I’m just not ready for a commitment.

Before I can be OK with US, I’ve got to be OK with ME. I just want to be friends, besides you deserve better than me. The thing is, there’s someone else. You remember the road, you met her when I brought you home from the store. She’s fun, she get’s me, she’s spontaneous. I’ll always treasure the good times we had.

All that just to say that I didn’t have to run on the treadmill tonight afterall.

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