Monday, April 2, 2007

Running With A Son Of A ...

I went running with my dog today. That’s him in the picture on the left, he’s cute right? Yeah, only because you haven’t tried to run with him. He gets to come with me every now and then when I’m running one of my easy runs and when I’m not doing my run on the treadmill, because that was just a disaster when we tried that.

Why is he difficult to run with? First of all we have to stop and pee on every hydrant, fence, shrub, lamppost, bush, and park bench during the first half mile of the run. Yeah I said ‘park bench’, but you ought to be more concerned that I said ‘we’. It’s really difficult to settle in to your pace when you keep taking these breaks every hundred yards, and don’t even get me started on how big a disruption it is when he has stops to take a deucer. Have you ever tried to run while holding a foul smelling bag of dog feces as far from you as possible? Yeah, if you’re laughing you’d better be outside of throwing distance.

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  1. Best Advice... "Steer clear of the runner with a baggy"


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