Sunday, April 22, 2007

Personal Running Log

Running log for this past week.

Week of 4/15 through 4/21
Mon 4/16 - Easy Run 4 miles @ 10 min/mile pace
Wed 4/18 - Easy Run 3 miles @ 10 min/mile pace
Thu 4/12 - Tempo Run 3 miles @ 9 min/mile pace*

Sun 4/22 - Long Run 10 miles @ 10:10 min/mile pace
Total Miles: 20 miles

*My training plan from the Runners World Smart Coach called for a tempo run of 8 miles including 6 at a 9 min/mile pace. This was my first major failure on the Smart Coach program. I attribute it to a soccer double-header on Tuesday and an emergency evacuation at work causing me to run down 49 flights of stairs. (Yeah, I'm important enough that I work on the 49th floor.) On a positive note this week marks my first ever run of double digit miles with the 10 miler.


  1. Emergency evacuation? What did you do this time? They're gonna catch on to you one of these days. I know you're upset that you work in a lame cubicle, but there are better ways to deal with your anger.

  2. We had to evacuate down 15 flights of stairs the other week and it made me angry enough. My advice is remove the heels, it was damn painful!


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