Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Training Technique: Wogging

I'll occasionally surf the web while I'm here at work to find interesting articles about running or new training techniques. (Right, kind of like how it occasionally rains in Seattle).
Anyway, today I found this article, which explains the benefits of wogging:
A wog, Glenn explains, is just like it sounds: a cross between a walk and a jog. Take a little of one, a pinch of the other, and you’ve got a wog... he’s already discovered that moving quickly can be bad for your health. “… running is out of the question, despite my devotion to weight training and carb-watching. I am too lazy, too old and too fat to run.”
He's right about one of those (hint: I bolded it). He goes on to talk about getting your exercise while you work by carrying things and even goes so far as to mention 3 x 5 note cards - those suckers can be heavy!
When I’m feeling especially Olympian, I try to carry everything at once, closing the electric garage door with my nose, the door to the house with my foot. Talk about gymnastics. I combine weight-training and aerobics in one fell swoop.
Yeah, you're a gymnast alright.

Please don't mistake this post as criticizing folks who have to start out jogging and walking, if that's what you need to do to get started then more power to you, but when we start talking about getting exercise by hauling those note cards around it speaks volumes about how languid our society has become.
Also, can I recommend a tougher, more macho sounding name than "wog". I hear the name wog and it just makes me want to go lie down on the couch with a bag of potato chips. Even if we called it a Jolk it would sound better.

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