Friday, April 20, 2007

Funniest Post Race Report You'll Ever Read

I try to bring the funny here on a daily basis, but today I read something that was funnier and more inspiring than anything that I could possible write. So here's a link to J-Money's post race report:
I Did It: The Half Marathon

J-Money is a comedian who posts over at the semi-sports related website, Ladies... and she actually once posted a comment or two on this humble blog, which makes her one in a million... or maybe one in a hundred million, and makes me dangerously close to becoming an internet stalker.

Here's a quote from the above linked article to entice you to go read it since you're obviously still reading my lame post instead: (Quick programming note- if you could forget the article after you've read it that would be great, because I'll likely plagiarize the hell out of it after my next race.)

Mile 3: The first hill of the race. People in Charlotte have nice lawns. It’s a shame that runner number #4178 is taking a piss in one of them. Good thing their newspaper is wrapped in plastic.


  1. Thanks for a fun read. After reading section you quoted I new it would be a fun ride..LOL


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